Edition offers removal: Tesla could dramatically sell test cars from Grünheide – mobility – economy

Edition offers removal: Tesla could dramatically sell test cars from Grünheide – mobility – economy

Already during the system test and before the final approval notice from the Grünheide factory, the Tesla electric car group built cars and private parts there for experimental purposes.

The American group received its final approval in January 2022, which approved the manufacture of 2000 test vehicles. However, it was clear from the beginning: All products can only be used for internal purposes or later canceled.

In particular, the first edition of the State Environment Agency stated: “Parts and bodies provided during system trials may not be used as commodities.” Tesla must record what happens to the test phase vehicles and confirm the cancellation.

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Now there seems to be a change: test cars are now allowed to end up in the open market. The Brandenburg State Environmental Office confirmed this as opposed to rbb.

One citizen had requested permission to access the files

The planned sale of pilot cars became public after citizens asked for permission to access state government files. Documents indicate that Tesla now intends to sell test cars to customers after all.

The car repair company has legalized the decision. All previous unfinished permits have been in excess since the approval notice was issued at the Grünheide factory on March 4, 2022. The corresponding vehicles have also been significantly improved.

The State Environment Agency does not sue Tesla – on the contrary. A spokesman told rbb: “Tesla is free to handle the bodies that were created during the test of ability to work and sell them if they can be sold.” Car manufacturers do not violate the requirements of the authorities. Waste can even be avoided according to the import control permit.