Eight Hyundai Ioniq 5 as a virtual power plant

Eight Hyundai Ioniq 5 as a virtual power plant

After a successful qualification by the transmission system operator Aprion, eight charging stations and eight Hyundai Ioniq 5 electric vehicles fed with secondary control power. The project aims to show that even small units and the so-called vehicle-to-grid technology can make an important contribution to the provision of balancing power and thus stabilize the electricity grid in Germany.

The project was initiated by Hyundai, LG Electronics and Next Kraftwerke. The aim was to qualify Hyundai’s electric cars and provide a secondary control power. Grading is a prerequisite for systems to be able to provide controllable energy. The systems – in this case charging stations and electric cars – have to prove their technical suitability, which has now been achieved for Aprion in the case of the Ioniq 5.

For the provision of secondary control power, eight charging stations at the Hyundai Offenbach site are connected in a “small pool”, which is connected to a power plant from Next Kraftwerke. LG Electronics has developed a program that can predict when cars will be at the charging station and thus be able to balance energy. Hyundai employees get in on the electric car charge on this one. LG Electronics and Hyundai have also developed a cloud-based platform that collects systems in advance as a small pool and coordinates the supply of control energy.

Currently, loading and unloading is done through a two-way payment facility connected to the gate. To test the second control power for possible use at the household level, wall boxes and a home storage system from LG will be added to the pool in the future. The wall box and home storage have already proven their technical suitability for graduation.

“In cooperation with our cooperation partners, we have approved a fleet of vehicles from the Hyundai Motor Group for the second control power, which has the highest technical requirements of all power control products. It has been proven that the balancing power can be extracted from vehicles of electronics without hindering the use of the car,” says Alexander Krautz from Next Kraftwerke. An important discovery of the project: on the basis of the tested concept, more areas and larger car fleets should be connected to the pool.

The Ioniq 5’s onboard charger is V2X (“Car-for-Everything”) ready. Whether there were technical changes to the electric vehicles used for the current Offenbach project is unclear from the notification.