ELE Rally expands to Asten/Lierop and Veghel: ‘Competition always leads to progress’ |  Sports region

ELE Rally expands to Asten/Lierop and Veghel: ‘Competition always leads to progress’ | Sports region

The special stages of Asten and Lierop (20 km) are back at the ELE Championship, which will be held for the 58th time on 2 and 3 June. Also new is the service area in Veghel (De Knokert) and regrouping in Noordkade. E-Cup is over. This raises the question of whether the meeting is still current. If it’s about VVV, ‘sure yes.’

Fans of ‘moaning’ cars will get their money’s worth next weekend at the ELE Championship. ‘The event is increasing,’ said the announcer Allard Kalff on Thursday evening in Son during the regular presentation of one of the oldest matches of the championship to the press.

He was not only referring to the return of two specific eastern stages in the rally: Asten (10 km) and Lierop (20 km). It is also clear that with the transfer of the service area from Veldhoven to Veghel (De Knokert), the number of connecting kilometers has also increased rapidly. Compared to 180 km of KPs, there are now 1300 connections in the road book.

A number of so-called redevelopments are also planned in Noordkade in Veghel. Cars and drivers need to rest there for a while. It is suitable for the public.

Making noise

For many rally fans, ‘old’ also means that the cars are noisy and smelly. Electric cars at rallies have been the subject of heated debate for years. For others it is the future. For others it is disgusting because they cannot hear and cannot smell.

In that context, it is surprising that the Corsa e-Cup, a novelty of the event last year, has disappeared from the program. According to spokesman Vincent van Dantzig, this says nothing about the popularity of this new class. On the contrary. “Many countries (importers) now also want to bring such a class to their home. The Opel organizer has therefore decided to make a choice to maintain a strong line-up. This year we are missing. Next season we will be there again, we have been told.”

Competition always leads to progress”

Tom Myrink

According to the new VVD Member of Parliament Tom Meyrink, the Eindhoven region is not a center of innovation in the field of free electric driving. The former rally and racing driver therefore believes that the rally sport has more and more right to exist in Brabant. “Competition always leads to progress”, is his firm belief.

For now, the battle ahead will be decided by gasoline-powered guns this time. The surprising thing is the arrival of two German drivers, who not only have ELE in their program, but also want to shoot at the Open Dutch Rally Championship. Much can be expected, especially from Bjorn Satorius. If only because he appeared at the start with a Ford Fiesta Rally 2, like his colleague Hans Weijs jr won the rally last year.

Bob Young

Dutch opposition should now come from experienced drivers such as Bob de Jong (Hyuandai New Generation i20 R5), Kevin van Deijne (Hyundai i20 N) and Michiel Becx (Ford Fiesta R5).

In the starting and finishing position, Son will look to Ronald van Loon. “I live on the street here,” says the man who usually runs Dakar-style attacks. “But you have to travel a long distance to get some kilometers in it. That’s why I’m adding some Dutch meetings this year.” He does this in the powerful Hyundai New Generation i20 R5.

The ELE tournament starts on Friday evening in Asten and Lierop with a total of 4 kp’s. The next morning the competition continues with tests in Strijpse Kampen, Wintelre, Spoordonk, Sint Oederode and at the Ekkersrijt industrial area in Son.