Electreon world record: 1,942 kilometers without recharging

Electreon world record: 1,942 kilometers without recharging

The world record for driving an electric car without recharging has been broken by the Israeli organization Electreon. The startup says it drove no less than 1,942.6 kilometers, proving the usefulness of its impressive invention.

Electreon says it is engaged in “technology that should accelerate the mass adoption of EVs.” It has a strong focus on infrastructure, especially wireless charging for EVs. In addition to parking, according to Electreon, payment should also be possible while driving, which is the solution that made this world record possible.

Electreon set a world record for driving an electric car without charging on an oval-shaped test track using charging technology near Tel Aviv. Unfortunately, it was not fast: in more than 100 hours, a total of 1,942.6 kilometers were covered by 55 different drivers, but without charging stations. A total of 241.7 kWh was used.

It is interesting – and perhaps surprising – that Electreon did not use a pure EV for this record, but a RAV4 PHEV from partners Toyota. However, according to Electreon, the car is powered by electricity, which in any case proves that a large battery is not necessary if the road you drive on can charge the battery. That’s a good thing, because it fits with one of Electreon’s goals. A rechargeable road makes it unnecessary to carry large, expensive and heavy batteries, with all the associated financial and other benefits.

Projects in Europe

Electreon is making great progress with its charging technology. In addition to cars, it also seems to want to use this technology for large vehicles, such as trucks and city buses. Experiments have been started for this purpose in Germany, Sweden and Italy, of course in cooperation with local authorities.