Electric cars from Jaguar and Land Rover will be made in Europe, with a Chinese base

Electric cars from Jaguar and Land Rover will be made in Europe, with a Chinese base

The transition to electrification has already begun at Jaguar. The British manufacturer will no longer present hot models, and a range of 100% electric cars will arrive in 2025. At the same time, the brand is firing its weapons and is interested in collaborating with a famous Chinese manufacturer for its electric cars.

Jaguar is a manufacturer that is almost never talked about anymore, and for good reason. The manufacturer has left the media scene for several years now, and only a few special series of hot models exist, such as the incredible Jaguar F-Type for example, which is still talked about by the manufacturer.

The brand made a choice not to launch new products again until 2025. Why 2025? Only because it is from this date that the British manufacturer will enter a new era, that of the electric car. So obviously there was the Jaguar I-Pace electric SUV that arrived in 2018 and that pulled the rug from under the Audi e-tron, Mercedes EQC and other BMW iX3, but within two years, it will be a new electric generation. the cars that will arrive.

Chinese manufacturers have gained ground

Designing a car from A to Z is expensive, very expensive in fact, and partnerships and other collaborations are now an army to cut costs. And in this area, it is Chinese manufacturers who are leading. Volkswagen has partnered with Xpeng, Audi and SAIC and Stellantis and LeapMotor. It is also a way for European manufacturers to get back into the Chinese market where they have clearly lost ground in recent years.

In the landscape of Chinese manufacturers, Chery is undoubtedly one of those making the least noise today. However, the brand was launched last year a platform called E0X which today hosts two products sold in China : Exeed Sterra ES sedan and Sterra ET SUV. If you have never seen them, that’s normal, but soon you can see them due to the fact that they should arrive on the Old Continent this year under the brand Exlantix.

And it seems a long time ago that Chinese manufacturers had little knowledge in terms of engineering. Just look at BYD with its 3.0 platform and its Blade batteries. And of course, Chery was very inspired by BYD for its platform, especially with 800 volt battery connected to the Cell-to-chassis. There is also an electronic central architecture, a double front wishbone and a multi-link rear axle (like some European sports cars) or even four-wheel steering.

Great new features from Jaguar, but also from Land Rover

And obviously, these qualities were very pleasing to Jaguar, which is obviously looking for a premium platform considering its position in Europe. Jaguar is already linked with Chery for its production in China, and even if the manufacturer has not yet done anything official, this platform should prepare the brand’s future electric vehicles.

Jaguar’s big comeback is due in 2025, but a model based on Chery’s platform could arrive as early as this year. It will be a sedan or SUV based on the two models mentioned above and intended only for the Chinese market. It is enough to keep the brand alive before the arrival of several new products.

With electrification, Jaguar intends to step up a gear and enter direct competition with brands such as Aston Martin and Bentley. From 2025 to 2027, The brand should launch a new model every year. The first will be a four-door GT that already promises to be the most powerful car ever produced by Jaguar.

We are already talking about the 800 volt architecture that ensures fast recharges, but also a distance of more than 700 kilometers. Next year, it will certainly be the turn of the SUV version to appear, according to the same base.

Defender PHEV

As Jaguar is part of the Jaguar Land Rover group, it is not yet known whether the luxury British 4×4 manufacturer will benefit from Chery’s platform for its future electric models. Electric is also starting this year for Land Rover, and 100% electric Range Rover arriving at the end of the year.

Land Rover is also clear: the electric Range Rover will be the model “the quietest and most refined ever created”. Obviously, the silence of the electric motor will help, but an active cabin noise canceling system will also be included. Like in the Tesla Model S for example.

Performance will never be out of date, as this electric version is advertised as “ effectively as the V8 version », knowing that the current V8 version goes from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.6 seconds. Finally, all-terrain capability will be retained with the ability to cross curbs with a depth of 850 mm. As one might say, it promises!

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