Electric cars: hypercars are scary

Electric cars: hypercars are scary

The electric cars they are growing, in version, in every part of the market, but beyond cars in large numbers there are more and more high-performance EV hypercars. Games with crazy gameplay and extreme riders to say the least. Definitely challenging cars to drive with confidence.

Electric cars: 2000 HP is not a chimera

Just look electric cars which have been developed in recent years to understand how impactless hypercars are certainly not afraid of competition from thermals. In fact, various Pagans e Bugattisthey almost pale in comparison to the cavalry that can unleash one Lotus Evija and 2,000 HP provided by 4 electric motors. But also Pininfarina Battista not less with 1960 HP, again thanks to 4 electric thrusters. Same solution forExtreme Lightningabout to be produced in a limited series, which promises 2040 HP.

Electric cars: among hypercars, Rimac Nevera is the forerunner

Most famous, the first among electric cars with a very high performance of success, it has been Rimac Nevera. Today the company has earned the trust of Bugatti, due to which there is a new, very interesting fact, which answers to the name Bugatti-Rimac. Back to Nerve, this hypercar worth more than 2 million has more than 1,900 hp, burns 0-100 km/h in 1.8 seconds, and jumps to 300 km/h in 9.3 seconds! Moreover, it promises a range of over 500 km, and safety is crash test proof, given that 45 tests have been carried out.

Electric hypercars also challenge F1 drivers

Electric cars those high-performance bikes require casual riding skills to go fast without remaining at the mercy of performance. But apparently, even the world champion of F1 like I’m Rosberg he has his problems with these silent fools. The former Mercedes driver, world champion in 2016, bought and collected a Rimac Nevera, complete with video to prove it. However, once you become an owner, He was arrested by someone in charge. Nothing big, just a few laughs to lighten the tension, after all it costs more than 2 million euros, but that’s enough to wonder if we haven’t reached too high a power.

Evolving riders, in a race of perfect performance covering absolute riding pleasure. Already getting a big car with more than 700 HP causes to reset all the previous parameters. It causes some fear, but when it comes to 2000 hp of electricity, the step from fear to fear is short. Above all, with pure electric power it comes directly, without filters, with all its effective brutality. With horses also come newton meters, big and instant torque. This means complete reliability in electronic equipment will be fully utilized.

As horses grow, weight decreases

The best performing electric cars have gone, for a short time, from the weight of more than 2,000 kgsuch as Rimac Nevera, ai 1680kg of Lotus Evija. For Extrema Fulminea the intention is to stay close to 1,500kgcompared to approx 2040 HP: we’re talking about an increasingly complex weight/power ratio. Only one question remains: are all these performance moves compatible with driving pleasure or are they used to hide the limits of electric hypercars?