Electric motorcycles: Harley-Davidson will go 100% electric, it’s official!

Electric motorcycles: Harley-Davidson will go 100% electric, it’s official!

Harley-Davidson is one of the most famous motorcycle manufacturers in the world. For experts, this brand often refers to the image of large V-Twin motorcycles, although the company has changed its production over the years. These symbolic machines, as well as all other hot models, will, however, cease to be produced and will gradually give way. 100% electric cars. In any case, this is what the CEO of the American legend said a few days ago when he announced his departure from Harley-Davidson. However, the process will take several years.

The first electric models have already been released

Harley-Davidson’s first electric model entered the market in 2019. It LiveWire which has now become a subsidiary of the group. With its irresistible characteristics, the model evoked a wave of positive reactions from motorcyclists. However, many were surprised when they discovered their prices since when it was released, the bike exceeded 33,000 €. An amount that greatly affected sales. Therefore, this problem should improve the manufacturer’s strategy by targeting younger consumers. The price of Harley-Davidson’s first electric motorcycle then dropped to €21,000. A business strategy that, however, did not bear fruit.

Revelation™ electric motor with permanent magnet and SHOWA™ front and rear suspension. Photo credit: Harley-Davidson

After a difficult phase, a new, cheaper model soon appears. it’s about LiveWire S2 Del Mar. With a power of 80 hp, a weight of 190 kg, a range of 160 km and a price of $ 17,000 (€ 15,600), fashion attracts target customers who love new technology. The first 100 copies made sold out in less than twenty minutes. We know today that the company is continuing its momentum by preparing other models: the S3, a lower model (and therefore more available) and the S4 which will be sold exclusively in the US at first.

“Natural evolution”

For the builder, leaving the heat is part of in the natural way of things”. Indeed, 120 years of Harley-Davidson they have gone through many changes. The transition to 100% electric will only contribute to brand innovation. The current CEO even claims that this is “a natural evolution that had to happen”. Especially since the founders have always been motivated by a desire to recreate or innovate. So they could not ignore the rise and desire of electric cars.

Harley Davidson LiveWire, a 100% electric motorcycle.
Harley Davidson LiveWire, a 100% electric motorcycle. Photo credit: Harley-Davidson

However, the transition process will still take a long time. ” It’s not something you do overnight “correctJochen Zeitzin his announcement. According to him, the waiting period will be calculated in several decades, although he did not specify the deadline. The changes will undoubtedly be effective after those of major car brands such as Fiat, Mercedes and many others, planned for 2030. Obviously, the transition will be long and Harley-Davidson will not completely abandon fuel power for many years …