Electric mountain trucks – Mercedes-Benz is testing the eActros

Electric mountain trucks – Mercedes-Benz is testing the eActros

The wheat is separated from the chaff on the mountain, because this is where you can see how powerful the truck is. Mercedes-Benz manufacturers have now tested the recently presented eActros 300 as a tractor unit in the Austrian Alps.

As the Stuttgart-based company reports, the electric truck had to cover a distance of 111 kilometers and a height difference of 2,300 meters. The maximum gradient was 13 percent. Important to mention: According to Mercedes-Benz, the trailer was fully unloaded, so the combination weighed 40 tons.

Surviving in electronic trucks pays off

Engineers should pay special attention to recovery, i.e. recovery of the electrical energy of the Actros. If you believe the numbers passed, it seems to have a good effect: According to the manufacturer, about 180 kilowatt hours of energy can be “obtained” on the road – if you used the service brake instead, you would estimate a distance of 150 kilometers on the flat.

If the road is downhill, the electric truck’s battery can be recharged by recovery

© Photo: Daimler Trucks

Thanks to the high consumption of recovery, according to data from Mercedes-Benz, the charging display showed less than 40 percent of the energy remaining at the end of the tour. The test is considered to have been passed, although unfortunately one interesting fact cannot be assessed from a distance: was the effort that the eActros had to fight to climb the mountains big or small? So there is still a small question mark behind the wheat or chaff question.

Until now, the eActros 300 has only been available as a chassis. According to Mercedes-Benz, series production of the tested tractor unit will begin in the second half of next year. (ff)