Electric SUV coupe Audi Activesphere Concept |  CAR ENGINE AND SPORTS

Electric SUV coupe Audi Activesphere Concept | CAR ENGINE AND SPORTS

Audi’s fourth Sphere model looks – a little. And it is slowly becoming clear what will happen to the other Sphere models.

Audi has released the first teaser image of the Activsphere Concept – as part of this year’s lineup Monterey Car Week, even if the study was not shown there. Audi brought three other models of the Sphere Skysphere, Grandsphere and Urbansphere to the California auto event and to the Pebble Beach golf club green and to the high-end event. Quail shown. Audi designers have revealed which research has a future as a production model – and which doesn’t.

The Sphere SUV completes the family concept

The now-playable Activephere completes the Sphere family in an unusual way. What it has in common with its research siblings is its electric drive and the option to drive autonomously up to Level 4 or autonomously up to Level 5 as a later series model. Of course, the Activesphere should also be able to be moved on the road. Audi is still showing the car at a very early stage – the designers haven’t even finished their work here.

However, the coupe can already be seen, the wheel arches that float above the large wheels – the Activesphere seems to have a large ground clearance and a large suspension travel in comparison. For a large off-road vehicle, however, its ends seem a little long – the Activesphere should be an SUV. The designers have designed the door sill panel to be strong and sturdy. No doors can be seen – if the Activesphere is anything like the A7 Sportback, there would be room for four doors. Like the Grandsphere, its roof can be made of more than glass. Electric drive will be used on all four wheels and will therefore be called Quattro – however, production versions of all Sphere models should at least get Quattro as an option. Audi would like to show its Activesphere SUV coupe research as early as 2023.

Grandsphere comes in series

For its three other Sphere subjects, Audi is now revealing the series positions, although the group’s initial attitudes have already changed. It’s a done deal that Grandsphere is coming. Its design is said to be up to 80 percent compatible with the future model. The prototype, described by Audi as a moving plane, is likely to inherit the A8. However, the production version will not come before 2025 – Audi has fallen far behind schedule and execution.

Urbansphere maybe also for Europe and USA

The Urbansphere electric range was intended for the Chinese market. The Urban and Grandsphere do not have standard dashboard screens. Instead, dashboards are made of wood, and a projector reflects important or desired information on this wood. The Audi designer enjoys this: It shows age – wood is not fun. In other words: In the event of a defect, the entire screen world will not have to stop, but only the projector will have to be replaced. The rear of the Urbansphere will be the first to enter series production – at short notice in Audi’s smallest model. And Audi is slowly moving away from the Chinese adaptation of the electric car – apparently the car has also sparked interest in Europe and the US market.

Skysphere is not coming

The Skysphere is a two-seater sports car that can change its wheel. Audi designers emphasize that the car has a very steep A-pillar. This is the only way in which the idea would seem to be attached to the long and short wheel. And if you want, you can forget Skysphere again: the electric road has no chance to be implemented in serial production. At least that’s what Audi is saying now.

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With the Activsphere Concept, Audi is now showing the first sketch of the future SUV coupe. The design of the car is not yet complete, which is why no final assessment is possible. The dark photo shows a high-top coupe with big tires and solid door sills. Like its three other Sphere siblings, it will be electric only and fully autonomous.

The Grandsphere, on the other hand, is going into series production – albeit a few years late. And Urban World was originally intended for China, but at the same time it may come to Europe and the USA. Skyphere, on the other hand, has no chance of a future sequel.