Electric taxis in Canada in just 4 years?  The contract is signed!

Electric taxis in Canada in just 4 years? The contract is signed!

Electric flying taxis could appear in the skies above Montreal in just 4 years. In early June, the two companies announced an agreement to build more than 70 electric helicopters, scheduled to begin regular flights as early as 2026.

Flying electric taxis in Canada

Electric flying taxis could be common in Canadian cities in a few years. Under the agreement, Vertiko Mobility and Jaunt Air Mobility announced the production of more than 70 all-electric aircraft and two hybrid aircraft, with an option to extend the contract to purchase 25 more aviation units in Montreal.

The contract also provides training for 36 aircraft pilots. Canada’s aviation ecosystem is slowly taking shape.

– Each new phase of the project is another step in positioning the Province of Québec as a leader in this new market segment. The good environment we create is not only good for us, but also for all the players who will be involved in the development of this mode of transport in the future.and – says Éric Côté, president of Jaunt Air Mobility Canada.

Tests of the next prototypes of Jaunt Air Mobility are expected to start next year, and the serial production of vehicles in 2025. The company wants to get all the necessary certificates and start working in 2026. For this, the appropriate infrastructure is also needed.

Creative aviation

By the end of March 2025, the construction of five airports, i.e. airports for urban aviation, is planned in Montreal. Jaunt Air Mobility’s electric flying taxis are a cross between an airplane and a helicopter. They combine the features of an airplane with the capabilities of a helicopter, which enables vertical take-off and landing.

The development of electric aviation is a very important trend. Carbon dioxide production warms the atmosphere, which means more fires, droughts and floods. Climate change is a real cost to the global economy. Scientists have calculated the cost of one ton of CO2. The planet and each of us carries a price. A return flight from London to New York can cost the world economy more than $3,000 in the long run.

Fortunately, electromobility is slowly entering the aviation market, and electric planes are attracting attention with their capabilities. An example is the Rolls Royce machine, which broke three Guinness records.

source and main image – jauntairmobility.com

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