Electric Vehicles: Deutsche Post DHL imports 44 electric trucks from Volvo

Electric Vehicles: Deutsche Post DHL imports 44 electric trucks from Volvo

Deutsche Post DHL (DPDHL) wants to partner with Swedish carmaker Volvo in the future. In the first stage, the logistics group wants to import up to 44 heavy electric trucks. Six have already been ordered by DHL Parcel UK and two by DHL Freight, according to the report.

By co-operation agreement, DPDHL seeks to expedite the process of making all its commercial vehicles free of air pollution; Overall, the group wants to be CO₂-neutral by 2050. The plan is to import 40 Volvo FE and Volvo FL trucks. They are used for the delivery of parcels in city traffic. In addition, there will be long-distance electric trucks in regional transport, which Volvo FM Electric is intended in the UK.

The first directive should result in DPDHL saving about 600 tons of CO₂ and about 225,000 liters of diesel fuel annually. The company tested the use of electric trucks in regional transport in Sweden last year. According to a DHL announcement (PDF), a good experience has been made since November 2020 using a Volvo electric truck for the last mile delivery in West End, London.

In addition to importing cars, the partnership includes joint development in the field of electronics, which Volvo Trucks will also analyze DHL shipping operations. According to their own information, Swedes have a market share of 42 percent in the market for fully utilized trucks.

According to DPDHL, it now has a total of 20,000 electric carriers and 12,600 active e-trikes. By 2025 there should be a total of 38,000 commercial vehicles using electric batteries. This year alone, 1,300 Streetscooter Gigabox vehicles will be used. Deutsche Post sold the manufacture of road scooters to the Luxembourg Alliance Odin Automotive earlier this year.


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