electric version in pipes

electric version in pipes

The second defender of the name, which accompanies its legendary ancestor from 1948, will have a 100% electric version in the coming years. It is currently available (not everywhere) in diesel, gasoline, and plug-in hybrids.

THE The guardit is a mythical name, for example which was at the origin of the creation of the Land Rover brand. Before changing its name to Defender, this 4X4 is a pure hassle franchisor it was simply called Land Rover. When the brand was so small that it had only one model! It appeared in 1948, “Land” was a recreational vehicle as an organization. Its progress measurements in 1947 already set the tone. ” Agricultural machinery capable of being a tractor and a car, providing energy to fly to all types of machines, and achieving the same road speed as a normal car”. The saga of Land Rover was born! In short, a pick-up, a long station wagon, a short panel, a long canvas, was found inside mass of bodies. For all tastes!


With the arrival of Range Rover in 1970then exit Discovery in 1989, Land Rover will have to change its name. It will be called out 1990 Defender, distinguish between make and model. Since then, he has earned a new generation in 2019, which still borrowed the Defender name, but under a very different silhouette. This new defender looks like more like an SUV than a real 4×4 of crossing. However, its high ground clearance, its all-wheel drive and its powerful engines always allow it lay claim to off-piste fun. This generation is so far available on gasoline, in dieseland a combination of plug-ins.

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Land of the 21st century

Here can be added a electronic version ! Our British colleagues at Auto Express have learned for sure that an electric Defender would be in the pipeline. He could come complete the series in 2025 ! This can be especially possible with the adoption of a new platform technique at the same time as its mid-career adjustment. It will then be based on the MLA Flex platform, which will also serve as a common basis for Range Rovers and futures. Range Rover Sport electricity. We are already reporting a 100 kWh battery which would allow a freedom of about 480 km ! This development should not upset its off-road capabilities, Land Rover already knows how to do with the current versions of plug-in hybrids. What is certain is that batteries will penalize its weightit’s already hard…