ELEGANT – the best range of PVC window and door profiles designed with the future in mind

ELEGANT – the best range of PVC window and door profiles designed with the future in mind

NEAR window and door profile series.
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A project based entirely on PVC connection is possible to implement even with the most daring vision, regardless of the architectural style. Large glazing, meet the requirements of the passive building and strict standards in the field of energy efficiency, and even combine in one project with aluminum joinery – this and much more is possible thanks to the variety of ELEGANT window and door profiles. Combined with the highest quality, the widest choice of colors on the market and an internationally awarded design – this is an innovative solution designed for the future.

The ELEGANT product platform was created by the Belgian manufacturer Deceuninck, one of the leading international leaders when it comes to PVC solutions and raw material recycling. The company has been developing innovative technologies and solutions for over 80 years in the world and 30 in Poland. Its products – window and door systems, building systems and roofing – are designed as part of a closed circular economy and can be recycled after the end of their service life.

ELEGANT is a variety of PVC window and door details based on the basic concept of iCORThe essence of which is the exchange of frames and sashes. This creative solution and modern profile design has been awarded many times, eg Red Dot Design Award, Special German Design Award, German Design Award.

Help for architects in choosing an investment link is provided by the Object Department of Deceuninck Poland, more about which at the end of the article. Specialists provide complete investment services from design to implementation to maximize project costs and achieve the best parameters while achieving the assumed vision.


The ELEGANT series is characterized by minimalism, which is based on the leading trend of modern architecture. The expressive shapes of the wings and glazing beads create a unique, modern design. Four different styles of leaf shapes allow you to find the perfect solution, regardless of whether the project is modern or more modern.

Elegant profiles can be adapted to any architectural style – (Elegant ThermoFibra Infinity in the photo)

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Elegant windows and doors are beautiful in new projects with a modern style, industrial or loft. They are also perfect for the repair and replacement of wood. Both in the country, a rustic project with wooden-looking windows, and also in the classic type of residential buildings with more ordinary looking windows, you can easily choose an ELEGANT solution.

Deceuninck offers the largest selection on the market when it comes to profile surface finishes, because like 57 different foils. The color can be chosen according to needs and trends – both smooth, matte and metallic, as well as in the most popular shades of gray and anthracite. It is possible to make profiles similar to modern aluminum windows! It is also possible to reproduce the structure and appearance of natural or colored wood. An additional option is special aluminum accessories that will emphasize the original character of retro projects.

The Elegant color palette contains 57 foils in different colors – (Elegant overview in the picture)

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Deceuninck places great emphasis on innovation to meet technological and visual expectations. By creating products that meet various needs, sometimes very specific, the manufacturer has expanded its portfolio with solutions that allow the design and production of large-sized windows.

One such solution is Story Slides slider system with a depth of 149 mm (frame) and 76 mm (sash). This is a modern solution that allows you to create large, solid, glazed structures that will work wherever space and light play an important role. Small design, referring to the style of aluminum systems, allows the use of a large glass surface, and thus – to get high lights. Matching it with a professional and compatible system with Elegant Window and door design allows you to achieve passive house level. Like all Deceuninck products, the system is 100% reusable.

An elegant window and door profile system is a guarantee of energy efficiency

An elegant window and door profile system is a guarantee of energy efficiency

© Deceuninck

By connecting the glass to the sash profile with tape, the statics of the glass pane are transferred to the sash, which gives. great stability of the system and the possibility of implementing large structures up to 4 m wide and 2.4 m high. The unique rigidity of the central part (post + sash) provides great resistance to strong winds, and thanks to sealing around the entire perimeter of the window. – excellent tightness against rainwater and wind blows. Keep a low and slim profile excellent parameters of acoustic and thermal insulation (Uw up to 0.77 W/m²K) regardless of the size of the glazing. Legend Slide also gives you the option of using thick and warm triple glazed packages (up to 54 mm).

The advantages of the system are intuitive and trouble-free operation thanks to well-matched fittings – allows you to easily operate a sash weighing 150 kg. Special construction of PVC profile with steel and aluminum reinforcement very good protection against theft. The user’s sense of comfort and security will increase a set of additional protection against theft (eg locking system for horizontal and vertical elements, interfaces in the middle part or electronic safety elements).


Deceuninck, as the only manufacturer in Poland, offers fully compatible PVC and aluminum systems. The ELEGANT ABSTRACT system with fully glossy door leaf and DECALU 88 Standard creates a strong visual structure, while ensuring energy efficiency and investment efficiency.

Elegant Overview is a breakthrough in the style of PVC windows

Elegant Overview is a breakthrough in the style of PVC windows

© Deceuninck

For large investments that need to meet various needs and standards, profiles are the best solution ELEGANT INFINITY. A thin, waterproof sash with a central seal allows for high parameters in terms of waterproofing and wind resistance. Optionally, it is available in a version with Forhtex reinforcement in the frame – a unique composite reinforcement made of rigid PVC reinforced with steel rods and filled with foamed PVC, which ensures a very low weight of the window.

The variant was designed to meet the best parameters ELEGANT THERMOFIBER INFINITY reinforced with continuous fiberglass beams along the entire length of the sash, which ensures maximum stability of the windows. This innovative technology also made it completely possible eliminate the problem of heat bridgesbecause ELEGANT THERMOFIBRA INFINITY does not require traditional steel reinforcement. In addition, the joint expansion of the profile and the entire fiber glass fiber in one process allows the manufacturer to separate the rope at the Deceuninck processing plant – this means that the windows on the ELEGANT THERMOFIBRA INFINITY profiles, as well as on all other ELEGANT. profiles, are 100% recyclable and recycled for raw materials.

Wing reinforcement technology with continuous beams thermofiber glass fiber in the Infinity variant, it allows you to achieve high dimensions and exceptional stability with a very low weight of the window. It is connected with thermal stabilization forthex in the form of delivery offers excellent thermal insulation values (Uf up to 0.85 W/m²K). High energy efficiency goes hand in hand with weather resistance, and the possibility of glazing and panels of various thicknesses ensure excellent acoustic comfort in all conditions.


The Belgian manufacturer attaches great importance to ecology, which is why, among others, it uses recycled raw materials in production. The production process takes place as part of the circular economy and is compatible with the European system EuCerPlast certification for recycling plastic waste with ISO 9001:2015 standard.

Elegant profiles are produced in the co-extrusion process. The production of recycled PVC uses 90% less energy and emits 2 kg less CO2 to the atmosphere on each kilogram of plastic than the process of making new raw materials. Recycled PVC (so-called recycling) is used to produce a new window profile without the need to subject it to additional processes.

Currently, in the Benelux countries, systems using recycled materials are very popular, and local laws allow the production and use of higher quality products based on the percentage of recycled materials used.

Deceuninck has produced the first PVC profile system in Europe made from 100% recycled raw materials for the domestic market. The system is based on the ELEGANT platform and model name PHOENIX are serially produced a completely closed loop. The example of the phoenix reborn from the ashes illustrates the idea of ​​this process – old windows that have already expired are replaced with new ones. Pioneering projects already completed in the Netherlands include the new building of the Aloysius Stichting school in Eindhoven and the renovation of the Ploeg kozijnen office building. PHOENIX profiles were presented in Poland, eg in the Warsaw edition of the ARCHITECT@WORK exhibition last year.

Eindhoven School - use of the Phoenix profile design system, 100% recycled

Eindhoven School – use of the Phoenix profile design system, 100% recycled

© Deceuninck


Looking for a solution that will combine the best design, durability, comfort of use and high energy efficiency, weather resistance, high technical and acoustic parameters, the possibility of glazing with panels of various thicknesses and safety – the choice of the ELEGANT system. will guarantee quality for years. It is also a sustainable choice for a better future for the planet.

Deceuninck is one of the few companies in Poland that owns one a department that connects investors and architects with general contractors and joint developers. It is created by experts who focus on solving even the most advanced technical issues. They provide knowledge and experience in the correct preparation of joinery in the project, so that it can be implemented in terms of price and parameters. The experts of the Deceuninck Center Department have a number of studies on the acoustics and statics of windows, they have knowledge of the requirements of measurements and glazing. Please contact us through the website www.deceuninck.pl or contact the Deceuninck Center Department directly.

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