Elmec 3D launches a new website, an evolution of its visual identity

Elmec 3D launches a new website, an evolution of its visual identity

Elmec 3DBusiness Units of Elmec Informationworks in the sectoradditive manufacturing and, in the event of five year anniversary of its foundationannounces its launch new website: www.elmec3d.com.

Elmec 3D was born on 16 May 2018 as a spin-off of the largest Italian private IT group, Elmec Informatica. In these first five years of activity Elmec 3D has created a strong team, motivation to integrate the company’s position in the sector additive manufacturing in Italy. The results confirmed this view, reaching a total of 1,630 hours of design, 400 hours of training and 5,130 kg of 3D printed material.

The company, with the strength of the experience gained in the first five years of life, looks to the future with the aim of expanding the customer portfolio, specializing in value-added services to better respond to market needs and innovative solutions.

New website

The new website internetonline in celebration of the company’s five years, was designed to reflect a new visual identity for the brandwhich has changed over the past few years reflecting the company’s growth and innovation in the sector 3D printing.

The design of the new site is modern and elegant, and uses a new tree, designed to provide users with easy and intuitive navigation. On the new Elmec 3D website you can find all the information related to it 3D printing machinessold by the company, and on the services provided, including technical support and training.

This is a milestone for Elmec 3D as it closes its fifth candle”, he announces Martina Ballerio, BU Manager of Elmec 3D. “We wanted to celebrate it by presenting ourselves to the world with a new website, the skin that we have sewn ourselves, in which appearance and objects are compatible. We want to say what additive manufacturing is for us: possibilities, innovation, competitive advantage, the future.“.