Emmys 2023: Shrinking could get Harrison Ford his first nomination

Emmys 2023: Shrinking could get Harrison Ford his first nomination

The Emmys of 2023 may provide Harrison Ford with his first nomination, as the awards ceremony looks to be shrinking in size.

The Television Academy, the organization responsible for the awards, has proposed a tentative plan to reduce the number of nominees in key categories from seven to five, as well as lessen the number of eligible series from the current 400, to just 100.

The proposal, which is still awaiting approval from the Academy, would mean a marked reduction in the number of nominees, from the 7,000-plus that were included in last year’s awards.

The changes could potentially benefit Ford, who has never been nominated for an Emmy, but has a long and distinguished career in television.

The Academy’s decision to reduce the number of nominees is part of an effort to make the awards more exclusive and prestigious, and to ensure that only the best performances are honored.

The new rules would also mean that nominees would be required to submit additional evidence of their performance, such as a video reel, or a written statement of support from fellow actors or industry professionals.

The move has been met with some criticism from those who feel that it could make the awards process more difficult and less accessible for actors and producers who are less well-known.

However, others have argued that the changes will ensure that only the most deserving performances are recognized, and that this could open up the awards to more diverse and less traditional nominees.

Regardless of whether the proposed changes are approved or not, Harrison Ford may find himself with a chance of getting his first Emmy nomination in 2023.