End of Sebastian Vettel’s career too soon?  Suddenly it works

End of Sebastian Vettel’s career too soon? Suddenly it works

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Suddenly things are going well at Aston Martin: What? Vettel’s career ended too early?

Sebastian Vettel after the USA GP in Austin

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Sebastian Vettel’s Aston Martin racing team suddenly looks competitive. Was the resignation of the former world champion premature?

by Ludwig Degmayr

Vettel’s finger is back – although it was “only” seventh place in the USA GP for Sebastian Vettel. A green cucumber Aston Martin recently came running fast, which gave 00Seb “license to fast”. Already a fiery ride in the rain battle in Japan got old fire from the four-time world champion. What fans decorated him with two “Driver of the Day” awards. So the question arises: Was Sebastian Vettel’s decision to end his career too hasty?

Aston Martin the fourth strongest team in the trip abroad

One thing is certain: Aston Martin is currently getting a kind of second wind after a complete failure in the first half of the season. In the last three Grands Prix (Singapore, Japan, USA), the British team scored the fourth highest of all racing teams and was therefore “best of the rest” behind the top three teams. Sure, a bit of chaos played into the hands of the Greens, but the highs are still clearly recognizable. It still wasn’t enough for owner Lawrence Stroll’s men, who wanted to see Aston as an open fourth team for at least 2022. But at least the days when Sebastian Vettel had to follow the back of the field without a chance, such as in the Austrian race, are clearly over.

However, this revival comes a little late for the four-time champion. Because Vettel made a decision about his future during the summer break. So does Vettel regret this decision? Probably not true. Because the fight with Kevin Magnussen in Austin and the rain dance in Suzuka was good, the sixth and seventh places were still too few for the claims of the 34-year-old former world champion. It was only because of bad results that sometimes before Vettel could have fun

Is it possible to go back with Audi?

Podiums and victories are what Vettel strives for. And as long as these are unsuccessful, there are more important themes outside of Heppenheimer’s song. He wants to help bees and sustainable car traffic. In actions such as at Silverstone, when Seb drove his personal Williams from the 90s with zero-emission synthetic power. We will surely see the former champion again and again on the racetracks. And we can be updated on his achievements for nature and the environment through his new social media accounts.

And who knows: in 2024, Audi will join as a Sauber team name, and then in 2026 as a factory engine manufacturer for Switzerland. With the team Vettel made his first practice at Indianapolis in 2006 and his first race in 2007. So the bridge would be there, right?

Alonso is the biggest beneficiary of Sebastian Vettel’s work

The target of Vettel’s development work will be another old gentleman who, unlike his old rival, has a strong desire for Aston Martin: Fernando Alonso. Not particularly known for his sensitivity to team changes, the 41-year-old could have done everything right with his surprising move from Alpine to Aston Martin.

Given the strong competition from Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull, Alonso should say goodbye to the idea of ​​the last world title, but at Aston Martin the Spaniard is in a nest made. Unlike the Alpine situation, the roles are clearly divided within the team: Lance Stroll as a stable mate may be father’s favorite son, but for Alonso he is nothing more than an extra in his own garage. So it will be a one-man show. And that’s what Alonso likes, as his times at Renault and Ferrari have shown.

So Alonso and Aston Martin may be a duo, with Sebastian Vettel in front of the TV (if he’s interested in a spectator role), but there may still be regrets about ending his career early.