Endurance test Citroën ë Berlingo: the ultimate motorhome?

Endurance test Citroën ë Berlingo: the ultimate motorhome?

Rutger Middendorp tests cars in the Extreme Endurance Test. Follow too our YouTube channel.

After a week at the Citroën ë Berlingo camp, suspicions are confirmed and new insights become clear. First of all: there really is a lot you can do with the ë Berlingo XL that we drive. We left the two back seats at home and this creates a bucket of space where you can party. The standard Berlingo is 4 40 meters, the XL is 35 centimeters long. The front part and the rear part behind the rear wheel. Only the XL is available as a seven-seater. Those two extra seats don’t go to waste on the floor, but in your garage. That has advantages and disadvantages. Advantages: they are more convenient, they do not take up space in the car when not in use. Cons: They take up space in the garage and you don’t have them if you need them unexpectedly.

If you choose 5 or 7 seats: the three seats in the middle row are all the same size and I suspect you can fit three child seats next to each other if you choose wisely: they are not too wide and the belts on the seats. themselves.

Sliding doors ensure that you can easily roll up the car before leaving, without taking up too much space. If it is on a slope, you run the risk that your children will not be able to open or close it from the inside and because they have to be closed quickly, you want clear instructions for your children where they have their fingers.

To add I found a back door that the window can be opened from the side. It is very convenient to carry the last things without having to redistribute all your luggage.

At the supermarket, a young couple with a trailer stood behind their Subaru Forester, looking at our electric Berlingo. They seemed to like it too. Space box, full electric. But then of course the question ‘what about frequency?’ The honest answer to that is: it goes, but it doesn’t last. If you heat up to 100 km / h, you can drive for two hours and then you will have to charge for 40 minutes. For daily use you will not have many problems. During a vacation trip during a busy week, you only have a small amount to carry on to the next charger when things get busy. If you want to use it as a holiday car for long distances, it pays not to drive it on weekends. I would not recommend going to winter sports with this car.

Under the floor is the same battery as in the electric Opel Corsa and Peugeot e-208. Due to the low weight and low air resistance, they come 90 km more with the same power. Young couples were not interested in heating for more than 1.5 hours at a time because of small children. For a holiday in the Netherlands, this power train is also suitable.

Berlingo was lovely for our week in Drenthe. The possibility of using batteries as a power source would be a welcome improvement. A few hooks on the flap where you can attach the tent would also be a plus. Then we are in the middle of the camp. You will read my conclusion next week.