Ennio Liberal explains the vision of Toyota Lexus [video]

Ennio Liberal explains the vision of Toyota Lexus [video]

On the occasion of MFA2022the evening of MissionFleet Awards which you read everything apart a this link, we heard the year-end outlook and vision of Toyota Group and Lexus.

Talking is Ennio Liberalthe head of the Japanese company for Italy in the world of company ships.

Comment on B2B options in the market of 2022 and towards 2023 where Lexus will be the leading player in the electric charging range.

“Our electrification journey that began more than 20 years ago has made us look to the market and the companies we work with today to fully utilize its potential – explains Liberal – we offer all electric engines, from full hybrids to plug-ins, continuing work on other engines. Full electric, and new models are arriving. We are also in the second generation of hydrogen engines. Our group has always believed in what it takes to meet the expectations and needs of client companies, with all the available options.

“Lexus’ position is clear, with the aim of making the electric experience memorable with its products. Attractive design but above all technologically advanced. A new chapter has begun with the NX, tonight we present the RX and soon the icing on the cake 2023, the RZ The new SUV. List of companies that cover 90% of the business. With elegance, as well as performance”.