Enter the price list: BMW iX1

Enter the price list: BMW iX1

BMW also continues to expand its range of fully electric models. And the BMW iX1, for example, the electric brother of the X1. Let’s get acquainted and dive into the price list.

Some fully electric BMW models are completely self-sufficient – i3, iX – but most are (still) closely related models that also come with petrol engines. The new BMW iX1 falls into the latter category. That’s an all-electric version of the regular X1.

BMW iX1 specs

That doesn’t change the fact that the BMW iX1 was designed as a (partial) electric car from the start. In terms of specifications, the model can therefore easily compete with competitors that are only offered as EVs. For example, the iX1 has a range of 440 clean kilometers (WLTP) and a power consumption of 16.8 kWh / 100 km also remains within the limits. The 68 kWh battery pack works with 286 V and is of course also suitable for fast charging.

Especially with BMW, engine power is also important. Two electric motors provide four-wheel drive with a system power of 230 kW (313 hp) and 494 Nm of torque. Although the car is on the heavy side at 1,985 kg for its size (but which EV isn’t?), it still reaches 100 km/h in 5.6 seconds. The maximum speed is limited to 180 km / h. Well, still more than enough for Holland. Other variants of the BMW iX1 are not yet available, but maybe they will come.

Price BMW iX1

The BMW iX1 is the most affordable electric BMW. Or cheap, depending on how you look at it. List price starts at 55,127 euros for the Launch Edition, or 57,850 euros for the standard version. The BMW X1 with a petrol engine is available from 50,721 euros, so that’s not much different.

BMW iX1 accessories

The standard equipment of the BMW iX1 is basically the same as that of the petrol-engined BMW X1, apart from a few EV-specific things of course. For example, an 11 kW charger on board with a function that brings the battery to the most suitable temperature for fast charging, for example. The interior can also be brought to a comfortable temperature before departure.

BMW iX1 versions

We will put together a BMW iX1 according to your wishes. We take the affordable Launch Edition as the base. Like the xLine (57,622 euros) it gets a more luxurious look, but we save for the M Sport package (59,123 euros). It just looks better in our opinion. For those who consider it important or not: with the M Sport package, only subtle blue accents on the grille refer to the fully electric car. And the name of the species of course.

Exterior decoration

Then we come to body colors. Of course we will replace the usual white with something else. For an additional 1,050 euros, you can choose from the most elegant white, black, gray, grey-green and dark blue. For 1,550 euros there is a choice of dark gray or sea green. For dark gray you pay an extra 2,495 euros. In combination with blue and sea green, the final blue exterior accent has also been deleted (option of other colors at no extra cost). The IX1 is also available in green, orange and another shade of blue, but those colors cannot be combined with the M Sport package. We go for the dark blue that is available.

With the M Sport package you roll on 18-inch alloy wheels as standard (instead of 17-inch), with a choice of 19-inch and 20-inch. In terms of design, we like the 20-inch rims, but that would be too big. So we stick with standard rims anyway. Finally, we also look at black glass covers (option at no extra cost).

Interior decoration

The standard Alcantara/Sensatec upholstery is nice in itself, but it’s too dark. As an option at no extra cost, the upholstery is entirely from Sensatec and then there is a choice of black, off-white, dark brown or perforated red for an additional 102 euros. For 1,321 euros there is a choice of leather upholstery in off-white, black or dark brown. Despite the fact that it is probably an infectious substance, we go for the white Sensatec.

The black aluminum inner frames can be replaced free of charge with light aluminum or high gloss black. You pay 140 euros for Eucalyptus wood. We stick to standard interior frames.

Packages and personal options

In the option packages, the Comfort Pack with, among other things, a Harman Kardon sound system and additional options for setting the front seats is checked for 1,295 euros. We do not need the Travel Pack (1,395 euros, including the panoramic glass roof and tinted glass), the Premium Pack (1,794 euros) and the Innovation Pack (3,114 euros).

Many different options are already standard, or are part of one of the packages that we don’t want. As individual options we only tick: the additional features of the Shadow Line (267 euros), the auto-dimming interior mirror (181 euros), the heated steering wheel (202 euros) and the front seat heating (374 euros).

Collect the BMW iX1 yourself

The assembled BMW iX1 now costs 62,494 euros. It is still compared to the same petrol engine version, or a comparable model from a competing brand. No wonder the BMW iX1 is already popular. You can assemble the BMW iX1 yourself www.bmw.nl. There you will also find a complete range of accessories and prices.

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