Erlkönig’s new photos show more than face lift

Erlkönig’s new photos show more than face lift

( – BMW X5 (buy the now used BMW X5 cars), a popular brand from the brand, is about to receive its mid-cycle change. New spy photos show the SUV being slightly hidden, but still a special look in the front and rear. On the outside there will not be any major changes, but BMW will redesign the interior and install more sophisticated technology.

BMW X5 (spy bullets)


The G05, as the current X5 generation is known locally, has been on the market since 2018. So, it is time for the main nickname to lift the face. LCI. However, the X5 is unlikely to follow the new “double-stack” lighting design of its older cousin. X7 follow. Both cars are further distinguished from each other: X5 towards new 5er (from 2023), X7 almost new 7s.

The raised X5 will play new, thin lights that sit on a redesigned plate. The concealed color cannot hide the modified central ventilation space nor the vertical air curtains.

New style, known engine

BMW covers the grille completely, so we don’t see any change in design. There won’t be as many changes to the rear as it looks like BMW is only fixing the rear lights, though concealment suggests otherwise.

The powerful X5 M will also get new styling, but under the hood everything will remain the same. The engine in the X5 M Racing produces 625 hp (460 kilowatts). Common X5 variants can detect certain changes in the powertrain department.

To date, the offer is between xDrive25d with 231 hp to M50i with 530 hp. Plug-ins in particular can be customized, with new Series 7 drivers if possible as a diagram.

The new exterior design will also come with enhanced interiors that will dramatically change the layout. The X5 will feature BMW’s latest infotainment system, iDrive 8, and a large dual-screen display on the dashboard. The redesigned dashboard will represent major changes in the interior, bringing the X5 in line with other BMW models.
BMW plans a lot for 2022:

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It is unclear when BMW will launch the new X5, but the popular crossover should be launched before the end of the year. Ongoing supply issues have delayed the launch of some of the structures.

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