Erm, the Rimac Nevara is now also the fastest car in the world… backwards

Erm, the Rimac Nevara is now also the fastest car in the world… backwards

Mate Rimac may only be 35 years old, but he has turned the automotive world upside down with his supercar company Rimac. Because not only is he now the owner of Bugatti, his first creation Nevera continues to make world news with visual statistics and record attempts.

Still have room in the fancy dress?

With its 2,000 hp thanks to one electric motor at each wheel, you might think that the Rimac Nevera already has enough stats to be in the spotlight. However, the Croatian company aims to break every world record in the world of cars. And at the same time he succeeds very well. The Revera broke multiple records in one day (see photo below) and is now the fastest EV at the Nürburgring and Goodwood.

However, during the development of the car, engineers discovered another advantage of an electric EV that could set a record. Because thanks to the configuration of four electric motors, the Nevera reverses as quickly as it moves forward. Welcome…

Balls of…

Because if you pull all the power from the Nevera, you will be heading in the right direction at 412 km/h. If you try the same in the R position of the transmission, you can still reach a mind-blowing 275.5 km / h. While we certainly don’t recommend doing that on the German Autobahn, we see the humor in it. Goran Drndak, a test rider from Rimac, tried it on a closed circuit and managed to set a new world record on Nevera’s side.