Ethereum is losing developers.  They leave for Ordinals

Ethereum is losing developers. They leave for Ordinals

The Ordinals protocol seems to be a boon to Bitcoin in several aspects. It attracts Web3 talent from Ethereum to the biggest coins on the market. More and more developers are choosing to develop Bitcoin, because Satoshi Nakamoto’s currency is still the biggest and most popular brand on the market, and soon it offers opportunities similar to the creation of Vitalik Buterin.

During Bitcoin 2023, it became clear that many people who were previously interested in Ethereum and other smart contract projects are now considering Bitcoin as well.

What are originals?

First, let’s explain what Ordinals actually are. Ordinals is a protocol that was launched on the Bitcoin blockchain on January 21, 2023. It allows the publication of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in the blockchain of the king of cryptocurrencies.

Since its launch, this project has gained great popularity. To date, thousands of tokens have already been published in the BTC chain with its support. And it’s not just about NFTs. Oridinals also allows you to launch convertible tokens that can be used to create memecoins, for example.

Bitcoin also has its own version of Pepe Coin (PEPE) on the blockchain. Many people now see the potential of Bitcoin as the Web3 blockchain. Therefore, even developers are leaving Ethereum and other smart contract-based blockchains.


OrdinalSafe is a project whose team includes former Ethereum developers. They want to create a wallet that can fully manage itself and store Ordinals very easily.

This ambitious startup participated in Bitcoin 2023 Pitch day in Miami. Finally, it won second place in the infrastructure category with its product. Executive Director of Ordinals Esad Yusuf Atik, he called her “a great success and an unforgettable experience.”

While Atik originally developed Ethereum products, he completely switched to Bitcoin after the creation of Ordinals. So could 2023 be the year Bitcoin takes full control of the market again?

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