Europe on the offensive: BYD announces its presence at the Paris Motor Show

Europe on the offensive: BYD announces its presence at the Paris Motor Show

In addition to electric buses, BYD also manufactures BEVs with electric batteries and is therefore increasingly successful in exports as well as in the Chinese domestic market. Now, BYD is proud to announce that it will be present at the 2022 Paris Motor Show to present its brand, its current product range and its latest technologies to European motoring audiences for the first time. This was preceded by an announcement of intention to offer its battery-electric vehicles (BEV) in Europe from the fourth quarter of 2022.

Entering Norway played a strategic role for the BYD brand as a test market in Northern Europe. In 2021, BYD successfully launched its Tang SUV to Norwegian customers and has since received positive feedback from consumers. Therefore, BYD recently appointed key distributor partners in Europe to continue this journey. Because of such partnerships, BYD is now ready to enter the European market when the company will showcase its latest line of new energy vehicles and industry innovations at major events like the Paris Motor Show.

The vehicle innovation is the result of BYD’s long-term experience in the research and development of electric batteries, spanning more than 30 years. This knowledge and commitment to the development of battery electric vehicles has been essential in BYD – a brand that is still unknown to many in Europe – to be the world’s leading manufacturer of electric vehicles for commercial and personal use. BYD has already provided more than 2.1 million customers with fully electric vehicles and reached a milestone of more than 640,000 vehicles sold in the first half of 2022.

BYD is sticking to its long-term vision of electric transportation. The company is committed to developing and promoting sustainable technologies to reduce carbon emissions worldwide and provide environmentally friendly alternatives to internal combustion engine vehicles. BYD also values ​​regional cooperation as it helps accelerate change and provide comprehensive product support to local customers.

The company has a long tradition in the international NEV sector and has extensive experience in the sector. The first European auto show that BYD attended was the 2008 Geneva Motor Show, where the world premiere of the PHEV F3DM designed and developed by BYD was unveiled. Now, 14 years later, BYD has chosen the Paris Motor Show to underline its commitment to European customers by offering a range of new passenger cars.

Michael Shu, General Manager and Managing Director of BYD Europe and International Cooperation Division: “We look forward to introducing the BYD brand and our latest passenger vehicle innovations, with world-leading technology, to customers in Europe. We also look forward to developing relationships with European business partners at this critical time, to provide customers with innovative, sustainable solutions and full local support, from sales to after-sales service. Participating in this prestigious international event for the automotive industry is the perfect platform for us to present our eMobility solutions in Europe. It also underlines our commitment to sustainability in the sector and coincides with our support for the global campaign to Cool the Earth by 1 degree.