European Court: has banned a gas-fired measuring device from Volkswagen diesel

European Court: has banned a gas-fired measuring device from Volkswagen diesel


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Once again, Volkswagen has a program that makes greenhouse gas emissions appear smaller than it actually is, according to a decision by the European Court of Justice. Due to the failure device, the emission of exhaust gases from diesel vehicles does not always remain below the legal limits. Buyers may have their purchase agreement canceled in some cases.

In the European Union, there are limits to the amount of nitrogen that cars are allowed to emit. The Volkswagen program that measures this only ensures that the production is within the limit of outside temperatures between 15 and 33 degrees, the court says. Outside of this “thermo window”, delivery limits are passed. But temperatures below 15 degrees Celsius are common in Europe, the court said.

According to the company, 15 degrees is the “intake temperature”, and it is that temperature with an outside temperature of 10 degrees.

Cancel the purchase agreement

The German Vehicle Authority had approved the program. However, Austrian courts approached the European Court with questions about the admission of the heating window, and about the rights of car buyers. They did so after Volkswagen car buyers asked the court to rescind their sales contracts between 2011 and 2013.

Customers can ask the seller to repair or replace the car, unless this is impossible or unbalanced, the court said. Because “it cannot be considered a defect of lesser importance”, the termination of a purchase agreement is also within the scope of the possibility.

The court also claims that the device is an update to the popular ‘cheating program’ that came to prominence in 2015. Volkswagen denies this, saying it is in all diesel vehicles built in the last 20 years.