EV Light Back Cover tip, known GV60 technique

EV Light Back Cover tip, known GV60 technique

This is the elegant brother of the Hyundai Ioniq 5 and Kia EV6, Genesis GV60. The South Korean brand will attack the European partner with news in the coming months, because despite the fact that the car has already been shown, the dimensions of the electric crossover have not been discussed previously. And the car manufacturer still does not give up everything.

Except there is nothing new about the GV60. It is the brother of Ioniq 5 and EV6 and that means that all parts, systems and technologies are known. And that is true. However, the only question was in what conditions the GV60 would come on the market. Well, Genesis wants to do that officially a few months later. But the manufacturer is still doing this in summary form, despite the ordering books recently opened. Are things different? Nothing surprising. The beginning selects a different calibration of electric motors, so there is a small difference.

Three engine options

The ranges are based on Premium, followed by Sport and Sport Plus. No more delicious. Each level has its own drivetrain. Premium, for example, looks like a rear-wheel drive, with a single electric motor on the rear axle. The power source is good for 168 kW, a fraction smaller than the Ioniq 5. The beginning shows that the motorcycle version is intended for people who get a large critical array. Of which four-wheel drive is the most important, Genesis provides Sport. The 174 kW electric engine then sits on the front axle, which runs the front wheels. The rear power source also provides 8 kW. Like the Sport Plus, Genesis puts the same power engine on the front and rear axles. Both power stations are good at 160 kW, while electric motors are capable of providing 20 kW of additional power in a short time. So a four-wheel drive is powered by a maximum of 180 kW per axle for ten seconds.


With three different drive options, Genesis offers options, while choosing an easy-to-deliver delivery program so you can deliver quickly. Well, with the engine version it is possible to mark the packages in the options menu and thus personalize the car to some extent. Common GV60 devices include features such as drive systems, a 12.3-inch infotainment system and wireless charging for mobile phones. Through the packages you can choose heated seats, panel roofs, Bang & Olufsen sound system and digital cameras instead of door mirrors.

The Netherlands follows

One of the reasons for the reduction of car discounts is that the GV60 is sold online only. The beginning does not come with the merchants. Interested characters should go online and select and pay for an electrically operated crossover. It is an idea that South Koreans introduced to Europe directly for its products. The brand already offers a wide variety, although currently intended only for Switzerland, Germany and the United Kingdom. The beginning will not be found in other European countries until later. The Netherlands is also on the list of export countries.

Electricity is the future

Although the first models have a combustion engine, Genesis will develop its own delivery plan from the electric models from 2025. The existing models will disappear in the coming years, including the brand new G70 Brake Bullet specifically designed for Europe. By 2030, only electric cars will be on the price list.

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