Even Mercedes don’t have that!  SsangYong can really surprise you – Super Express

Even Mercedes don’t have that! SsangYong can really surprise you – Super Express

I have never associated cars of the Korean brand SsangYong with innovation. I had reasons for this, because they were often the last to adopt solutions that appeared on the market. In the case of the new SsangYong Tivoli Grand, it’s a little different. It’s the only car I know of that utilizes the full potential of the solution it’s equipped with. What exactly are we talking about?

Like other new models hitting showrooms today, the Korean city SUV can optionally include a larger infotainment display (8-inch as standard, and 9-inch HD for an extra charge) and a 10.25-inch full digital instrument cluster. HD LCD. (available in the Quartz version for PLN 2,500), the appearance and displayed content can be adjusted free of charge to meet your needs. Depending on the selected tab, the image structure changes a lot. So we have a classic look with two dials, a smaller one with a red frame, aimed at driver assistants, and also with a navigation preview.

The SsangYong Tivoli multimedia has been updated according to today’s standards, which means that it is compatible with smartphones and assistance programs such as Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. Unfortunately, only after connecting the phone to the cable, but always. And here we come to the quality of the matter, that is, the thing that interested me the most. After connecting the mobile phone to the car, it unexpectedly turned out that digital clocks can do more! The screen behind the wheel has the function of displaying the Apple CarPlay interface! Not even Audi, BMW or Mercedes can do such tricks. Did the dream come true?

How exactly does it work? The fact is that the display on digital watches becomes a copy of what is happening on the multimedia screen. As a result, passengers cannot use different functions of the entertainment system at the same time. However, this does not change the fact that such a “feature” is a good addition that distinguishes interaction with the car. Who knows, maybe other manufacturers will be tempted to do so in the future? Fingers crossed! At the same time, SsangYong Tivoli Grand is the first car that can do such tricks.