“Evening with a little seal in my belly”

“Evening with a little seal in my belly”

Dominika Gwit will soon welcome her son into the world. It remains alive almost until the last days of pregnancy. She showed a pregnant belly.

Dominika Gwit is counting the days until she gives birth. The day her child is born will be one of the best days of her life. Although it was not an easy path, today the actress is happy to share her pregnancy with Internet users:

Throw it in ho ho😁 – he wrote about the child.

Dominika Gwit showed off her pregnant belly and revealed how she spends Saturday evening. The long-awaited son took a special place in his post. What did he write about the baby?

Dominika Gwit showed her pregnant belly and wrote about her child

Dominika Gwit shared a photo from the baby shower, which his friends arranged. Today, the actor is waiting for another big exit. This time he went to the theater, but as a spectator. He will spend this time with his loved ones and his child, who reminds his parents more and more of his presence in his womb:

Today I chose elegance so that there would be no ❤️ Evening with my loved ones and a small stamp on my stomach. Throw it in so ho ho😁 I go to the theater, among others. This time as a spectator. Holidays How are you spending this long weekend? I kiss! Domi 🤗

Dominika Gwit also presented her pregnant belly in elegant clothes.

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Internet users are happy and excited Dominika Gwit and with him he counts the days until the child is born. Under the photo, they do not regret the congratulations of the happy mother:

– Nice 🔥🔥🔥❤️
– Domi! You look adorable! Kisses for you ❤️
– You look beautiful 😊 Pregnancy definitely works! I wish you all the best ❤️
– You are happy, cheerful, you look beautiful❤️🔥👏😍

Instagram @dominikagwit

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Although Dominika Gwit willingly shares her experiences and feelings from the pregnancy period, she indicated that she will not show her child on Instagram. The actress also does not want to reveal the name of her child so that she can rely on a peaceful childhood without the interest of the media. This does not mean, however, that he will not share his experiences of the good time he will have with the child.

Dominika Gwit

Instagram @dominikagwit

Dominika Gwit is pregnant and showed her pregnant belly

Instagram @dominikagwit