Every fifth license plate is within the VW family

Every fifth license plate is within the VW family

The Dutch vehicle fleet, including light vans, now has 9.88 million license plates in use. The Volkswagen portfolio accounts for 2.05 million of this. VW itself is good at 1.26 million units, Seat and Skoda both lose to Audi.

The Volkswagen Group hit all the media this summer because Herbert Diess lost his position of responsibility. On strike: Porsche CEO Oliver Blume will assume his duties, in addition to his current position. The amnesty against Diess is said to have expired, after his tenure was already uncertain. The Porsche-Piëch family now decided against Diess. The group is involved in a major change in which not only electricity, but also software-driven mobility is central. One of the brands under the VW assembly umbrella is the software company Carad and it is not going as well as De Familie would like. The history of VW and Porsche has been closely linked since the 1930s and that extends to the family atmosphere. You would almost forget that with the two brand names mentioned, De Groep also includes a range of other brands that together account for more than two million units in our country: every fifth car is therefore a member of the Volkswagen family.

The Polo is above the Golf as a regular VW

Looking at the list, one thing immediately stands out. Umbrella can have a variety of brands, Volkswagen is the master and master, by far. With 1.26 million units, no other brand comes close. It is not for nothing that the brand is number one in our country, ahead of Opel, Peugeot and Renault. These three are at a volume of more than 700,000 units, almost less than a million as Volkswagen is on it. The other volume brands within the VW group, Seat and Skoda, are below Audi with more than 200,000 units, which has more than 300,000. The independent Cupra label is no longer a Seat trim level but a brand. Like Citroën did with the DS for example. Our country has 2500 Cupra, compare to the oldest Bentley with 2000 units.

Old names

Keeping the type name long always works well for these types of lists. It is not without reason that the Beetle, along with the Ford Model T and the Corolla, is the leading group of cars ever made. Now you recognize the first Beetle in the final model and the Model T Fords idem, but the Corolla has been seriously updated for each generation. In our country, two veterans in VW account for half of the amount. There is none (257,619 units) and the Golf built since 1974, because the Polo is good for 265,936 copies (since 1975). However, the Up guys still take ten percent and thus the third place, ahead of Passat and Tiguan (five percent each). At Porsche, the 911 (since 1964) with 14,355 units accounts for 35 percent of the Dutch volume.

Seat also has a similar type in-house with the Ibiza, which has been part of the range since 1984. Small nuance: Seat was definitely not a member of the VW family (between 1986 and 1990 the minority interest was extended to full ownership). In our country, the model accounts for 38 percent, the younger Leon (since 1999) a quarter of the amount. The independent Cupra has been busy for about two years (we ignore here the long history of the ‘predecessor’ Seat Sport) and then 2500 units are still tidy. The third quarter is all about the electric Born, call it Cupra’s version of the ID3. With the Fabia and Octavia (since 1996), Skoda has two models that are close to each other in terms of total volume: 29 to 27 percent. In Audi, the A3 model (since 1996) takes a quarter of the volume, the A4 (since 1994 ) takes another 17.5 percent and young people A1 ten percent.