Everything From Ace Eley After Georgia Tech's Pro Day – Sports Illustrated

Everything From Ace Eley After Georgia Tech's Pro Day – Sports Illustrated

At Georgia Tech’s Pro Day, the athletic prowess of Ace Eley was on full display, impressing NFL scouts with his impressive speed, strength and skill.

Eley, who is projected by many to be a top-five selection in the upcoming NFL Draft, put on a show at the school’s annual showcase event, clocking an impressive 4.37-second 40-yard dash and putting up a total of 20 reps on the 225-pound bench press.

The 6-foot-2, 220-pound wide receiver also put his athleticism on display during drills, catching every ball thrown his way and showing off his impressive route-running abilities.

“He’s a complete package,” said one NFL scout in attendance. “He’s got the size, the speed, the hands, the routes — he’s got it all. He’s a guy you can put on the field right away and make an impact.”

Eley, who declared early for the draft after three years at Georgia Tech, is expected to be one of the top wide receivers selected. His athleticism is unmatched and his skill and athleticism have been on full display throughout the pre-draft process.

At Pro Day, Eley showed off his impressive physical gifts, but also his intelligence, as he was able to quickly and accurately answer questions about offensive schemes and assignments.

He has the potential to be an elite NFL wide receiver, and his performance at Georgia Tech’s Pro Day only further reinforced that notion. NFL scouts and teams will be closely monitoring him as the draft approaches, and all indications are that he will be a top-five selection.

At the Georgia Tech Pro Day, Ace Eley put on a spectacular show, showcasing his awe-inspiring physical faculties with a 4.37-second 40-yard dash and 20 reps on the 225-pound bench press. Additionally, the 6-foot-2, 220-pound wide receiver exhibited his impressive on-field talents, snagging every ball and exhibiting sublime route-running aptitude. An NFL scout present at the event deemed him a “complete package,” praising Eley’s size, speed, ball-catching proficiency, and ability to swiftly and correctly comprehend offensive schemes and assignments. It is without a doubt that the former Yellow Jacket will be a highly-touted wide receiver selection in the upcoming NFL Draft, with many projecting him to be a top-five pick.