Everything we know about the 3 interesting new Fiat 2023 cars coming after the already revealed Fiat 600.

Everything we know about the 3 interesting new Fiat 2023 cars coming after the already revealed Fiat 600.

They are sprouting official photos of the new Fiat 600, whose full presentation is expected sometime in 2023. The photos were taken during the shooting of what appears to be a promotional spot. The car’s identity is confirmed by the plastic side design, which clearly features images of the Fiat 600 logo. Let’s pull it out to see it better:

  • Fiat Topolino 2023
  • Fiat Multipla 2023-2024
  • Fiat Panda 4×4
  • This is how the new Fiat 600 2023 presents itself

Fiat Topolino 2023

Fiat’s next car, baby mouseIt will not be based on the Citroen Ami, as the Italian company aims to differentiate its small car from other vehicles produced by Stellantis for do it more unique. At present, the expected type of isolation has not yet been defined, but it is assumed that new high-quality materials can be used for design and production.

It is not excluded that the new Fiat Topolino could be available in some unique versions, including a convertible version, but there is no official confirmation on the matter. Fiat’s next-generation car will be manufactured at the Kenitra plant in Morocco, the same plant where the Citroen Ami and Opel Rocks-e are also produced.

Mickey Mouse’s name has not yet been officially confirmed and the CEO of Fiat, Olivier Francois, who announced that the company is still evaluating the project as it would be cost-effective only if it could generate a large number of registrations.

Fiat Multipla 2023-2024

There the next generation of the Fiat Multipla it will be 4.4 meters long and will have a design that is close to the SUV modification of the new Fiat 600, whose size will be around 4.1 meters. Selected platform Most will be STLA Central and the model will only be available as a fully electric vehicle, but the possibility of a hybrid or gasoline version in the future is not excluded, depending on the shift of the car market towards zero-emission mobility.

The new Fiat Multipla will be a smart model that will improve the range of Italian car manufacturers, including the future B-segment hatchback scheduled to launch next year. This range will represent a sensible choice, in contrast to the wide range of emotions created by models such as the new and new Fiat 500. Fiat 600. Thanks to the high quality-price ratio, the Multipla will represent one of the most suitable solutions among C-Suvs on the market.

Fiat Panda 4×4

Stellantis has not released any official communication about the Fiat Panda 4×4, but dealers have already reported that the off-road version will soon be available in the price listsaccompanied by an update that could involve the entire range of city cars to make it competitive until the end of its life cycle.

Despite its withdrawal from the market, Italian drivers can still show interest in this model that has gained a great success in the last decade, maintaining its leading position in the Italian market. The new version of the Panda 4×4 will be very different from the past, as the TwinAir and MultiJet engines are now obsolete and a low-output engine will be essential for the all-wheel drive system.

A possible option would be to use FireFly turbo gasoline engine, a three-cylinder engine of 1,000 cubic centimeters, born in Brazil and also available in an electric version in Europe. The new Fiat Panda 4×4 2023, likely to be sold as a 2024 model year, can use a 70 HP and 92 Nm hybrid engine with a BSG system of around 5 HP.

L’option to use T3, which is already used on other models in larger segments such as the Tipo, seems unlikely, since the version of 100 HP and 190 Nm would be too powerful for a city car, even for a wheel drive. Fiat may decide to modify the engine electronics to reduce power.

Beyond the engine, Ride a new 4×4 it should maintain largely the same design as the previous model, with a raised mounting and special tuning, a steering system with a torsion rear axle, as well as an electronically controlled four-wheel drive, based on the Eld system and a manual gearbox and short first gear.

This is how the new Fiat 600 2023 presents itself

There New Fiat 600 2023 is strategic for the Italian brand, available in an electric or heated version. The photos of the new Fiat 600 show the car without the stickers used during its previous appearance, allowing you to understand some additional details. For example, an Italian flag was placed on the back of the car, which may be a characteristic description of the launch versions of the new crossover. The taillights are visible without a cover, and the Fiat logo, which has already appeared on the New 500, is located on the tailgate.

The 600 logos, which will be characteristic of the new Fiat, visible from the side and the front. The lights on both sides, which were characteristic of the Cinquino model, have been changed to present a small side extension in plastic on the new Fiat 600. Under the 600 logo, there isopening and integrated grille for some ADAS (Advanced driver assistance systems) sensors. Finally, two side openings seem to connect the fog lights, which give the car an original look.