everything you need to know

everything you need to know

At Alfa Romeo, the first approach to the first electric car in history is underway, which will be the B-Suv. All details.

Brand Alfa Romeo it throws itself fully into the electric challenge, and it’s amazing to think how fast it does it. Imagine that more than a year ago, there was not even a hybrid vehicle in the range, before the arrival of the Tonale SUV that was launched in February 2022. From that moment on, the Alfa brand has taken a big step forward, and now a definite leap is awaited .

Alfa Romeo Logo (Adobe Stock) – Tuttomotoriweb.it

In 2023, the flagship car from the Arese company will arrive, which is the 33 Stradale, of which only 33 units will be built at a price of around 1.5 million euros each. This model will only be for a very lucky few, but 2024 is the year that will mark a turning point for this car maker.

Alfa Romeo is actually focusing all its energy on the electric B-SUV, whose launch is expected next year. It will be the first car with the Alfa logo not have a warm engine, and it is natural that the Hype is skyrocketing. In the last few hours, some new details about him have been revealed.

Alfa Romeo, this is what the electric B-Suv will look like

Brand Alfa Romeo will present its B-Suv in 2024, or rather the B-Section crossover that is destined to go down in history. In fact, it will be the first zero-emission car from the Alfa Romeo company, which has every intention of completely changing its range and electrifying it in the coming years, by 2027 according to what was said by the top management.

In a few months we will have interesting new information in this matter, as confirmed in these hours and Alejandro Mesonero-Romanos, that is the head of design of the house of Arese, who spoke to the press about this revolutionary model. The hope is that soon the name of the car will also be known, which was initially supposed to be called Brennero, but the CEO, Jean-Philippe Learnedhe denied all this.

The car will be born on the CMP platform Stellantis, and will be 4.30 meters long, and will also be built on e-CMP about the zero subtraction variant. The latter should have the same power train as Jeep Avenger, also part of the Dutch international company, has a battery pack of 51 kWh and a power guaranteed by the electric part of no less than 154 horses.

First, like learning, The new Alfa Romeo will have front-wheel drive only, but one bus with all-wheel drive will arrive, but after some time. As for autonomy, it should be around 550 km in the WLTP urban cycle, and it can be recharged using 100 kW fast charging tools.

In just 30 minutes, it will be possible to recover 80% of the payment, but it is clear that there is still a lot of progress to be made on this. In the image posted above, there is a printed version at the station YouTube Cars“, who thought about the possible variants of the new B-Suv. The wait is almost over.