Exclusive offer, range at dealer

Exclusive offer, range at dealer

Those who love Jeep Compass can’t miss this amazing offer. 20 thousand euros are enough to buy it

The brand name is an absolute guarantee and the model is one of the most sought after in the car market. On the web we found one of these models for sale at a very affordable price. For anyone interested, the advice is to run to the dealer so you can take it to your garage.

Jeep Compass for sale (Autohero.com) – MondoFuoristrada.it

We at MondoFuoristrada.it have found this model on the Autohero.com website and at a very special price. In fact, you can buy it with just 21,999 euros and with installments of 408 euros per month for 72 months. We are talking about the Jeep Compass in the 1.4 M-Air Limited version, with the first registration confirmed in February 2019.

It owns a gasoline engine, with a displacement of 13689 cm. The emission class it belongs to is Euro 6 d-TEMP and their estimate is 155g/km. Payment can be made on delivery and is marked ‘Quality guaranteed‘, i.e. the one related to the inspection passed by the vehicle. Being a pre-owned vehicle, it has 56,546 miles and had 2 owners prior to being offered for sale on the site.

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As for aesthetics, we already know this model in detail. It is a model known for its black bodywork and aggressive lines, in a sporty sense, but it can also give a sense of luxury. The engine it puts out gives 140 HP/103 kW and it is still in good condition. SUV with 5 doors, 5 seats and original leather and fabric upholstery.

Price to buy a Jeep Compass (Autohero.com) – MondoFuoristrada.it

At the time of sale, it will come with the correct set of tires for the summer season. It comes from Spain, has two keys available and he has never had an accident. The last maintenance was approved on 24 May 2023 and the MOT is valid until March 2025. Unfortunately, there are 21 defects found in the bodywork, but no alarm, as there are pictures on Autohero.com to confirm the extent of the problems.

These are scratches and materials that are not original, but which can also be repaired without much cost. The interior and bodywork are, in fact, described by the website as if they were in “very good condition. The lighting system also looks better, as does the braking system. An opportunity that cannot be missed, therefore, given that the models can also be found for sale for around 30,000 euros.