Experiment: Peugeot 308 has become easier for users |  NOW

Experiment: Peugeot 308 has become easier for users | NOW

The Peugeot 308, one of France’s best-selling cars in the Netherlands, has been completely updated. AutoWeek has already tested it and found that the new, third generation is easier for users than the previous one.

The current 308, which started in 2013, is currently slightly lost in the Peugeot exhibition room between 208, 508 and a series of new SUVs. On the other hand, the new, third generation Peugeot mid-range car, which will soon arrive in the Netherlands, appears to be more aggressive and even more aggressive. The sharp lines and attractive LED angles make it instantly recognizable as Peugeot.

The fact that the car seems to be biting into the pavement further, is also because it is lower and more durable than ever. The hatchback wheel (‘Berline’, in the Peugeot language) increased by 5.5 centimeters. The SW (station car) remained the same, but still 5 inches taller than the standard 308.

You still see a small difference in the back room, which in both cases is enough for an adult 1.84 meters. There are several bedrooms in both cases and the same applies to luggage space. Although the hatchback lost something, it still operates on this segment with 412 liters. Traditionally SW offers a generous capacity of 608 to 1,634 liters.

“Design is an interesting combination of old and new things.”

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This Peugeot is not a sports fan

The new 308 is not only low, but it feels so because of the good deep seat. This seems to work well with the concept of the i-cockpit, because the small steering wheel is rarely in the way of the perception of digital instruments always.

The new 308 is certainly not a fan of sports, but the chassis offers good harmony. In this simple form, the car feels comfortable and has no legs and handles mistakes in a consistent, yet comfortable way.

The 308 entry-level interior also looks clean, while there are still many differences between this version and the fully compact GT. The design is recognizable Peugeot and is still clean, the hardware is clean. Finish as well, though there is an unequal gap between the door panel and dashboard.

Operation is easier for the user than ever before.

Operation is easier for the user than ever before.

Operation is easier for the user than ever before.

Photo: car week

Control columns are more logically organized

Design is an interesting combination of old and new things. For example, the new Peugeot logo is on a well-known steering wheel, but the steering wheel has new buttons. That seems to have been well thought out, because the columns are more logically arranged than with the Peugeots of recent years.

A 10-inch touch screen is standard, just like a set of digital instruments. That can also be run a little differently than before. Everything is now going through the buttons on the ends of the control levers on the steering column, and that works well. The touch screen provides access to new and improved infotainment environments, which work more transparently and look more modern than what Peugeot has used so far. The response speed is not high, but it is excellent and usually sufficient, although we still had a small accident.

The more expensive versions get the Edge screen, which means that the second touch screen is supplemented by adjustable ’tiles’. The elements in that column are surprisingly special. For example, it is possible to set a constant temperature for climate control as a shortcut, so you can go to your preferred temperature in a single tap. Instead of this smart screen, the simplest 308 has a button column for climate control: real relief.

This is one of the many points that shows that the new 308 is a well-thought-out product, which certainly makes a big difference compared to its predecessor in terms of ease of use.

All the specifications and prices of the new Peugeot 308 can be found here at database from AutoWeek.

The new 308 is also available immediately as a plug-in hybrid.

The new 308 is also available immediately as a plug-in hybrid.

The new 308 is also available immediately as a plug-in hybrid.

Photo: car week

Engine: gasoline, hybrid plug or diesel

  • Both new 308 models are available from scratch as a hybrid of 180 or 225 hp plug-ins. That replaces cargo, but SW actually does so in comparison to its PHEV competitors still very smart in the area. In addition to the plug-in, the 1.2 PureTech petrol engine returns with 110 or 130 hp. There is also diesel, which also produces 130 hp. AutoWeek was given the opportunity to drive in the simpler version, the Active Pack and PureTech 110. It turns out that even in the mountains off the south coast of France, this is easy to live with. Of course, you should not expect too much, but for 0-100 seconds of 10.5 seconds and 205 Nm of torque available at 1,750 rpm, the entry level of 308 is not less than the engine. It shows the desire that is known from the other 1.2 species, where three cylinders make a good rumble. The weakest version is always associated with a six-speed manual transmission. That changes from time to time with Peugeot: a little ‘rubber’, but also soft and easy.