Experts believe that McLaren will part ways with Ricciardo after the 2022 season

Experts believe that McLaren will part ways with Ricciardo after the 2022 season

Daniel Ricciardo’s time at McLaren has been a series of setbacks for him so far. In addition to an impressive victory during the 2021 Italian GP, ​​the Australian only disappoints, and in addition loses a lot to Lando Norris. The best proof of this is the current situation in the driver’s classification, in which the Brit is ahead of his partner by 37 points.

In Working slowly they are losing patience with the 32-year-old, which was suggested in Monaco by Andreas Seidl and Zak Brown. The latter even said that there is certainty in his contract “procedure” early termination. The contract will be signed at the end of the 2023 season.

And although Ricciardo himself assures his fans that this is a full three-year agreement, and not, as some suggest, 2 + 1, there is no shortage of opinions that McLaren has completely canceled. At least this was the opinion shared by 1997 world champion Jacques Villeneuve:

“Daniel Ricciardo’s time at McLaren is over. If the CEO of the team, Zak Brown, says there are clauses in his contract, it means that the decision has already been made. It’s just a way to put pressure and prepare the media.” he wrote in his column.

Ricciardo’s compatriot Alan Jones echoed Villeneuve. The former world champion, however, hopes that a quick “wake up” from the Perth driver will eventually influence the British team’s decisions:

“His future at McLaren is uncertain. Unless he makes a few smart adjustments quickly, I don’t see him there for a long time,” the 75-year-old told the Herald Sun.

The two former Williams drivers also agree that if McLaren could afford to pay Ricciardo’s wages for the remainder of the deal, they should get rid of him as soon as possible:

“In the end, he is a very paid driver that the team spent a lot of money on. And since he doesn’t score any points and doesn’t have the right speed for this car, it has to cost them,” added Villeneuve.

“Honestly, it would have been better for them to keep paying Ricciardo’s wages by letting him sit on the couch at home. Then they could have put another driver in their car. It’s a hard truth, but that’s F1.”

“The contract in F1 is meaningless. But if the current situation does not change, I have no doubt that they will benefit from the provisions of this contract,” Jones added.

“Yes, he is a good racing driver and a very nice guy, but we know very well that people like this will not go very far in F1. It’s just that the more f**king you are, the better.”

Only Jenson Button, who criticized Brown for his behavior in this case, will decide to defend the Australian from a group of respected experts:

“Zak is an independent person and there is no way I can influence what he thinks and says. But I was surprised by what he said. Everyone in the team should protect his drivers. F1 is a really psychological game. And when people have amazing. skills here, it doesn’t count in all this , if your head is not right,” said the Briton in an interview with Sky Sports.

“And I was surprised that Zak came forward and openly admitted that he did not live up to expectations. Well, we all know, but when the CEO of the team says that, words like that must only hurt his case.”

“Furthermore, we see his accident later [z Monako]and the engineer asked him “is the car okay?” Daniel tells him he’s fine. So you can assume from this that Zak is a little mean about it and it all just comes out.