F1.  A slight fall will not throw you off balance

F1. A slight fall will not throw you off balance

Carlos Sainz has ensured that the events of the second practice before the Monaco Grand Prix will not adversely affect his form.

Sainz recorded the best result in the first practice, and in the second practice he was also on top of the leaderboard. More than a quarter of an hour before the end of FP2 he had the third time.

Then the Spaniard made a mistake in the pool. Sainz cut the right-hand chicane too far, touched the barrier, damaged the suspension and, as a passenger, hit the outside barrier of the left corner.

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Sainz, however, didn’t care too much about the incident and made sure that the small mistake wouldn’t affect his confidence.

“I just touched the wall on the inside,” Sainz said. – Usually Monaco and miscalculation. Too bad, because I have given the mechanics extra work.

“With confidence and speed, they’ve been there all day, so a little mistake in one corner won’t hurt.

Ferrari has traditionally been closest to Red Bull by one lap. Sainz believes the Scuderia drivers have a chance to stand firm on Saturday.

“I think we’re on the right track at least trying to challenge them.” Red Bull still has speed. They are on the table. But we’re closer than any other weekend, so hopefully we can make things a little more difficult for them. Although it will not be easy.

The second driver of the Italian stable – Charles Leclerc finished Friday just 0.065 seconds behind Max Verstappen.

“We are OK, but Aston Martin and Red Bull are also fast,” said the Monese international. So we have to take a step forward. The feeling of the car was not too bad. It’s a little harder in FP1 and better in FP2. There were a few things I didn’t expect. At night we will work to make the car what I need.

– Again, I don’t think our car is the fastest. Red Bull is faster, Aston Martin is close. But if we do a good job and put together a perfect lap, anything is possible.

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