F1.  Aston Martin on the road to success?  They have a five-year plan

F1. Aston Martin on the road to success? They have a five-year plan

Martin Whitmarsh has been very successful in F1. Previously, he worked in various positions at McLaren from 1989 to 2014, and in the 2009 season he took over from Ron Dennis as team leader. He celebrated with them six personal names and four builders. The 63-year-old also has similar ambitions with Aston Martin.

Team owner Lawrence Stroll has not mistakenly appointed such a specialist to his organization as they have ambitious plans to win the F1 title in the next five years.

“For me, it will be very exciting to see the big Aston Martin brand on the Formula 1 podium,” Whitmarsh told Reuters. – That’s why I’m here.

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Whitmarsh is officially the head of Aston Martin Performance Technologies, but will also spend a lot of time working directly with the team, which will have a huge impact on their success in the coming years.

“F1 is a very interesting subject, I must admit,” he continued. – Right now, I spend a lot of time and energy on him. I will be totally involved. I think I have a reasonable influence on the success of the team in the coming years.

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The Englishman left motorsport in 2014 and knows a lot has changed since then. It welcomes the changes that have been made to it, including a greater emphasis on diversity and inclusion, and reducing costs. It also endorses efforts to make the series carbon neutral by 2030.

He admits that Formula 1 has taken an important step in this direction because it was previously an inward-looking medium.

“I think F1 has been arrogant in the past, very self-centered,” he said. – I am glad that it was understood that we should be important to society and its needs.

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