F1 – F1 2023: challenge of champions

F1 – F1 2023: challenge of champions

No driver has ever won a Grand Prix Of F1 after arguing 300. This type of “curse” has been manifesting itself since the beginning of history the highest unit and continues fearlessly to remain intact to this day. It will be two riders who have crossed this level and are still active who will try to derail this story in the 2023 season. Let’s talk about Fernando Alonso And Lewis Hamilton.

F1. Hamilton and his unshakable faith

THE pilots who have crossed the sea 300 the races that take place are very few, and of high quality. Except for Rubens Barrichelloonly world champions have crossed this milestone: Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso, Jenson Button, Kimi Raikkonen And Michael Schumacher. Sebastian Vettel he retired at the age of 299. Despite the prestige attached to their careers, none of them managed to win when they crossed the 300 race mark.

An insignificant record, which nevertheless explains how at some point in his career even the numbers begin to give way. Lewis Hamilton and Fernando AlonsoHowever, they can still break this barrier. For the sake of The Black King it will be very important to do so, especially in the face of the 2022 season which is not very good in terms of results. Thanks to competition not reaching Mercedes, Hamilton found himself finishing the first season of his career without a win.

Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes AMG F1 Team) – GP Abu Dhabi 2022

There’s never been anyone like me,” he protested Hamilton when he was told sadness a broken record. This proves to be an incentive to change course in 2023, depending on one W14 (Read all the technical developments here) performed better than last year’s car which enables the Englishman to achieve his goal of becoming the first and only driver to win after 300 Grand Prix.

F1. Alonso and Aston Martin plan a different car

Lewis Hamilton he is not the only one who needs compensation. Even another veteran on the track, in fact, despite the two world championships he won, feels the need to show something. After returning from 2020, Fernando Alonso He is ready to start a new chapter in his career Aston Martin.

The challenge begins in the best way, and the team An Englishman who sends him on trial in the post-season trials to comb together comments and upgrade a car that failed to meet expectations. Technical director Eric Blandin he actually said that Alonso he immediately demonstrated his usefulness, experience and sensitivity towards the car he drives, clearly and precisely identifying the details that need to be improved on the new single seater.

Fernando Alonso – Aston Martin

“L”AMR23 it will be a whole other story,” has announced Blandin, “as we have new an aerodynamic concept that will revolutionize the single seat.” In fact, the technical director announced that 80% of the time spent was dedicated to aerodynamics, even replacing 90% of the components of the 2023 car. Aston Martin’s ambitious project is very suitable for the spirit of fighting and competition. Alonsomore ready than ever to fight for important goals.

F1. Hamilton and Alonso: full circle?

Again Fernando And Lewis they will fight for a common goal. Doesn’t sound like one to you Deja Vu? The competition on the track between the champions does not seem to be over yet. This too record he sees them facing each other, almost as if fate wants to keep their careers connected. Hamilton and Alonsosince the Englishman’s inception on 18 March 2007, they have spent the last sixteen years on the track competing, also sharing a session in McLaren and many friendships in personal life.

Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton at McLaren, during the 2007 season

The challenge between the two also repeats itself as veterans. Whether they all get another win or never climb the top step of the podium again, it’s about closing a circle in an era of racing. The First System. Interplay of the lives and works of two great champions.

Author: Silvia Giorgisilvia_giorgi5

Photo: Mercedes-McLaren-Aston Martin