F1 – F1: a new control protection system is being investigated

F1 – F1: a new control protection system is being investigated

There F1, for the less ardent fan, is a brain game. Not in his search for “pistaiola” (quote Maurice Arrivabene these days it has moved into more serious matters) which remains the only one that leads to men racing cars who compete on the tarmac in excess. The highest category of car games it is difficult to understand certain rules and, to complicate the picture, to apply them.

Imagine the tire decision after the qualifying sessions divided into three parts. The first ten forced to use the tires used in Q2, others to be able to move freely. This front International Federation, already in 2023, in two stages will be defined, will try to impose the type of stadium for each qualification and free ball for the grand prix. The first attempt to standardize and simplify things to meet an audience that wants to have fun and not get lost in a maze of Byzantine game rules.

The truth is simple: a good part of those who follow the game have no knowledge of the regulatory texts. This is completely normal. F1, by its very nature, is complex as the cars are subjected to an endless series of technical regulatory burdens necessary to keep the engineers’ design minds in check.

If other relationships are combined with this fortress of discipline, then everything becomes more difficult and, therefore, less attractive. What administration of car games he doesn’t want to. Here further changes are expected which aim to meet that definition process which Mohammed Ben Sulayemsince the first day of taking office, he has placed it at the center of the operational agenda.

Mohammed Ben Sulayem – President of the FIA

F1. The FIA ​​is adjusting itself to favor regulatory change

There International Federationin a very turbulent period in terms of relations with Freedom Pressis determined to move forward with his idea of ​​”The First Mental System” made of less stuff and more stuff. You will all remember the pastrocchio del Japanese GP where after the end of the race, the riders and the men on the wall wondered who was the world champion since the event ended without completing all the scheduled laps. None of the participants knew the mechanics well, an unusual situation that was not commercial for the series.

To prevent the new world champion from knowing that he has been awarded the prestigious trophy by the interviewer, Johnny Herbert in that situation, the Paris-based institution decided to make a change. The pressure began last January 18, when in the staff of FIA it has landed Steve Nielsen as the sports director of the new format you will take care of Circus iridescent.

We are talking about a real expert on the subject as he has been working on the unit for more than 20 years, proudly using Lotus, Tyrrell, Arrow, Benetton And Alpha Tauri then arrived, in 2017, in the technical sector created by Liberty Media Corporate which played an important role in defining current technical rules. Nielsen will be responsible for sports matters, including the development of race control on the competition field and remote activity center. And also of the future updates of the rules of the games.

Steve Nielsen, FIA sporting director

F1. FIA: the intention is to break down the model according to percentages

No sooner said than done. The rules of the sport are exactly what the British engineer is analyzing to achieve a radical change that can overcome embarrassing moments like the one found in Suzuka.. Directly is the number one of the Place de la Concorde who reports on it in a media style that has become intense recently.

The law is changing, Steve is dealing with it [Nielsen]. We asked for a report on what happened in Japan and published it on the FIA ​​website. Regarding the scoring system that existed last year, who chose it? The team! Who approved it? Always a team! And if something goes wrong, who is to blame? We! It’s all frustrating, isn’t it?“.

The former protest driver of the United Arab Emirates does not use to say that he charges like a bull there is a need to release his group from responsibility. It is obvious Ben Sulayem open an account with i team leader and this emerged clearly in the candidacy of Andretti/Cadillac. Head of Federation he asked for the reason of the American group by putting himself in a state of discontinuity with teams that would like to keep the doors very closed while preserving the style of ten teams that I bring many benefits.

Max Verstappen (Oracle Red Bull Racing) and Charles Leclerc (Scuderia Ferrari) during the first round of the 2022 Japan Grand Prix

But what is the idea of ​​not having similar Japanese cases? In the following Formula 1 Commission a proposal should be discussed which will see the relationship between the number of laps covered and the score awarded.. Something that goes beyond the currently used concept that is based on the percentage of the race played which, in mathematical conversion, has proven to be not intuitive and, above all, fast.

F1, the sport of quality speed, still takes too long to dictate a decision. Hence the need to reform the system into a massive transparent operation invited by all, announced by many and used by few. Actually, no one. Is it really the right time?

Author: Diego in Catalan@diegocat1977

Photo: F1FIA, Oracle Red Bull Racing