F1 – F1: are new engine manufacturers ready to step in after Audi and Ford (and possibly) Cadillac?

F1 – F1: are new engine manufacturers ready to step in after Audi and Ford (and possibly) Cadillac?

The F1 is facing a decline in support probably caused by authoritarianism Red Bull – Verstappen and with proof, which is hard to deny, that the three pillars of the American Revolution, Cost Cap, ATR and “next gen” vehicles., missed the mark. But this does not mean thatappeal of the category is greatly reduced and irreversible.

There are other factors that support the opposite theory. From the entry of the eleventh team, that of Michael Andrettiwho won the race with four others competitor. The truth that tells us how much truth is knocking on the doors of Liberty Media Corporation to sit among a small group of participants at a glorious feast. And then there are the new drivers. Audi he has been working part time and is married Sauber create a group that intends to be the main characters from the beginning.

Ford he bound himself to Red Bull orphan of Honda (who will be the sole partner of Aston Martin, etc) and wants to establish a new model of technical and commercial cooperation that is already working in the department power trains Of Milton Keynes. And then there is General Motors which, along with the brand Cadillacsupports the action of Andretti which, for the first time, they could count on power unit Renault-Alpine with a personalized brand and then, in the coming seasons, to introduce its own campaign unit.

It’s clear that there’s a lot of excitement around an open-wheel series that’s going through an unprecedented phase of international popularity. New technical rules simplifying the turbo-hybrid V6 by eliminating the engine generator MGU-H and the growing importance ofMGU-K They act as an attractive feature for the giantsof cars which, also due to the use of sustainable ecological energy that by 2030 must be zero and drop offthat is, it can be adapted to any internal combustion engine, see the clear and beneficial technical effects on series production.

The Mercedes power unit was installed on the W13

F1, McLaren – Toyota: a reforming partnership

This fermentation leads to the presentation of various theories that emerge from, at present, secondary facts. Media rumors are based on what is happening in the world McLaren. The team led by Zak Brown recently launched a new wind path Of To work by which it frees itself from the property of Toyota Gazoo Racing Europe of Cologne that the engineers of the team that was Ron Dennis they were using since 2010. A long-term partnership with the Japanese giant that may not end with a working movement.

We understand that, at the moment, technicians in Germany are helping to help McLaren in the improvement of the new English format, the news that follows the words of the CEO of TGR-E, Rob Leupenwho explained how men are involved in the collaborative process of the new wind tunnel Toyota. The bond is strong and may, who knows, lead to other and more important partnerships.

Let’s explain. It all starts with the inclusion of reserve pilots in the list and McLaren, and Ryo Hirakawa, the driver affiliated with a Japanese company. From this secondary situation concepts emerged based on which Toyotawho left the class in 2009 after seven unhappy years, seems to be preparing a new and interesting background in the field.

Ryo Hirakawain addition to carrying out the role of reserve tests, he will be involved in WEC together with Toyota Gazoo Racing Team and will also have the opportunity to work on the simulator and test F1 cars from previous years. A broad usage which according to some means something greater. But it’s from a house in Aichi prefecture that the (currently audible) denial comes. It is to inform them Kazuki Nakajimalongtime Toyota consultant, who dismissed the suggestion: “At the moment it is clear no. The agreement with Hirakawa is limited to one driver. We support him dream“.

Jarno-Trulli in the Toyota TF109

At the moment his agreement with McLaren has nothing to do with some rumours. For the future, you never know”, he commented Nakajima leaving a very small window of opportunity for an unspecified future. Apart from the presentation of the agreement, Andrea Stellain the ordinary words of the occasion, he made little allusion to the question of the engine.

F1: McLaren has sought another partnership to become a design hub

Rewinding the tape, however, there are things that make us think and fuel some speculation. McLaren he has an agreement with Mercedes until 2025. It’s no secret that I fear the rulesex Ferrari e Zak Brown have talked to other people. Chris Horner he said, with the confirmation of the two aforementioned representatives of the team To workthat the discussion table is open for the possible distribution of the engine Red Bull – Ford.

An idea was created but was discarded by both parties due to mutual needs. The one of Milton Keynes providing only two teams of its ecosystem, that of To work not flying in the dark after the decisive steps forward in the chassis and in front of the sky.

In McLaren they also flirted with each other Honda before it is dedicated to the pampering and technical project offered by Lawrence Stroll. A To work careful reflection has been made and is being made on the effectiveness of the model that provides the supply of engines designed primarily to meet the technical needs of other teams. In short, being a customer gives you benefits in the short term but can limit development in the long term.

The McLaren MCL60 celebrates thanks to a double platform in Japan

How long Mercedes try to produce as neutral a product as possible, certain technical choices such as the distribution of some elements of the motion unit or the integrated transmission structure affect the design range which, in the presence of a working engine engineer alone, becomes wider. FOR To work they have in their eyes what they did a few kilometers away from the agreement Honda – Red Bull is that Aston Martin intends to repeat.

That is the concept that we would like to emulate but to date there are no practical conditions to do so. That Toyota, therefore, is an option that is not stable at the moment and which may be formalized as a commercial partnership leading, who knows, to rebranded engines. As long as there is support and Mercedes who is very jealous of his brand.

But these are matters for lawyers and marketing experts and should only be discussed if certain circumstances change. For now F1 remains as it is, even if the presence of Hondawith its frequent victories, it inspires other industrial groups from the Land of the Rising Sun who may decide to take action.

Author: Diego in Catalan@diegocat1977

Photo: F1McLaren, Toyota, Mercedes AMG, Scuderia Ferrari

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