F1.  Ferrari was relying on rain in qualifying

F1. Ferrari was relying on rain in qualifying

The Maranello team attracted attention during the final qualifying session at Interlagos, where Charles Leclerc was the only driver to enter the track on medium tyres.

Although it was raining, the track was dry enough to ride on slicks, which meant that Leclerc’s strategy was not quite right as Monaco finished the session softer in the top ten.

Leclerc was very disappointed by such a move and wanted to talk to the team on Friday night to discuss how to make such decisions in the future.

– We expected rain that didn’t come. I will talk to the team and try to understand what we can do best under these circumstances. But I am very disappointed. I was in motion, the Ferrari driver admitted.

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Ferrari has explained that the decision to use medium tires was made as it was deemed the best way to gain position in unpredictable weather was to split the drivers’ strategy.

It was felt that if the rain came as quickly as predicted, the drivers on the downhill would have problems – and that would leave Leclerc on the intermediate tires in pole position.

Ferrari race director, Laurent Mekies, said that although the golden rule in motor racing is to choose slicks when the track is dry, the team saw fit to take a risk in Race 3 due to the approaching rain.

“It’s a bit disappointing because both cars entered Q3 and then we were faced with a difficult choice. On the one hand, the track was still dry. There is a golden rule that says you should take a dry track when it’s dry. On the other hand, we expected heavy rain. That’s why we divided the strategy – reported Mekies.

Ferrari admitted that using an alternative strategy for one of the drivers was a form of compromise. But the Scuderia thought the risk was worth taking.