F1.  Ferrari were not satisfied with Red Bull’s punishment

F1. Ferrari were not satisfied with Red Bull’s punishment

The FIA ​​announced on Friday that Red Bull is being fined for breaching financial regulations last year. The Milton Keynes team was fined $7 million. The team’s probation for the next 12 months was also reduced by 10%.

Red Bull boss Christian Horner called the penalty “cruel,” saying that a number of factors and a defensive stance led to his infringement.

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Ferrari has laid out its demands for tougher penalties for any breach of the budget limit in recent months, saying that protecting the integrity of the financial rules is vital to Formula 1.

Speaking on Sky Italia after his second practice session in Mexico, Ferrari sporting boss Laurent Mekies praised the FIA ​​for its transparency in decision-making. However, he noted that the extra money that Red Bull has spent could have an impact on the car’s development.

– In recent weeks we have talked a lot about what can be done with a big budget for half a million, for a million, and even for two or three million. This is a huge amount and we have talked about this topic many times. At Ferrari, we believe that this amount is worth a few tenths of a second per lap, so it is easy to understand that these numbers can have a real impact on the results of the race and even the championship, Mekies admitted.

Ferrari does not believe that the reduction in time in aerodynamic tests will compensate for the potential profit from overspending. At the same time, the fact that the penalties do not affect Red Bull’s budget limit means that not spending money on additional tests will allow you to spend more money in other areas.