F1 – Gp Monaco 2023/Fp2 performance analysis: Ferrari’s handling offers maximum power on lap

F1 – Gp Monaco 2023/Fp2 performance analysis: Ferrari’s handling offers maximum power on lap

Ferrari against Red Bull against Aston Martin. These, at the moment, three stables of F1 Many permits to play pole position. A full day of work where we tried to improve set up of one seat. Monitoring of Monk every year presents a great challenge for engineers to find the right compromise between the many variables that exist.

Furthermore, traffic is the master and it is difficult to put together one’s best lap. We see from the following table that the first position of Verstappen it’s not the truth. Best lap time of Sainzachieved by increasing his best division, shows that the Spaniard was capable of setting a better time.

best lap time Fp2 – GP Monaco 2023

However, an accident in the swimming pools did not allow him to finish the last race on the rubber smooth. Apart from that, we must look at how Alonso would reach number two on the charts. This is an example of how much traffic and accidents on the route can affect the final result.

Yesterday we discussed in detail the aerodynamic configuration chosen by the team: the goal is to abandon the resistance barrier in favor of a vertical load. Although grip both for a large part of the mechanical type, to have a good aerodynamic contribution to increase the grip in traction and, therefore, to maintain even the parts with the highest speed of transport, stands as an important factor.

As we know it is Ferrari That Red Bull equipped with a new heavy-duty rear wing. The reason why both teams painted the main plain with the flow—that is, knowing that data collection will be very important in the future, to confirm that the water fibers are consistent with the simulation.

ratio between average and maximum speed Fp2 – Gp Monaco 2023

As we can see from the normal chart above that is trying to calculate reduce power of cars, in this case all values ​​are very similar. This means that basically the vertical load level is the same for all seats of the same. Ferrari has very few expectations Montecarlo. The set up the basis with which they started the first free sessions satisfied the pilots immediately.

Be quick inside Administration you must basically have a good and also good tension maintenance on the curbs and many call now. In these two aspects SF-23 it seems capable of making a difference compared to its competitors who, as we will see later, are not far behind. This feature provides a very drivable car that instills confidence in Ferrari enthusiasts.

Red puts the available horsepower to the ground very well, making the single seat very quick in the slow stages. During the morning F1 engineers intervened on the level of incidents of the front wing, and Leclerc which required more front loading to improve placement.

The rate of to jump appeared and Emilian’s car hit the ground hard, and the floor, in the tobacco area. Adjusting the height from the bottom reduced the effect. Generally we start with a very low car which is raised gradually according to comments from the runway. Leclerceven in Php2however, he complained in turn 5.

Also for this reason he failed to continue Carlos Inside of T2 very easily. Inside of summary for the next few hours, the Monegasque will have to think how best to interpret this curve, as well as curve 10, to reach the level of his counterpart.

Red Bull showed severe headaches during the first free exercise session. Basically set up did not produce the expected results. Verstappen suffer more than Perez. The Dutchman complained about the lack of care at the back and little on the sidelines calladded to some below.

As in Ferrari they raised the car to reduce impact and ensure maximum grip. As we know about the two RB19 A large percentage is used anti divasfront and back. This leads to many aerodynamic advantages, but at the same time affects mechanical grip.

This afternoon the technicians led by Adrian Newey they have further improved the calibration by upgrading feelings Of max. Talent of Hasselt it gave positive feedback in the slower parts. Through to on the board we confirm that one seat is also improved in the fastest part of Smoker. A change that emphasizes how the German car has a window set up very wide.

Gp Monaco 2023/FP2: Ferrari targets Red Bull

The sub-sector graph offers the possibility of a broader understanding of where one person and another sitting together get. Throughout the election, performance is the same in the overall economy. Inside of T1 there SF-23 has a good starting point in climbing, but loses against RB19 in stretching around Casino. Later, the A dancing horse shows a good start in the main sector, where last year he was able to make a difference as well.

sub sector Fp2 – GP Monaco 2023

For Smoker and Red Bull show a high level of fitness. However Ferrari not far from swimming pools it manages to produce the best saliva. The German car was better in the last part of the track. For rascase there RB19 it offers excellent traction that allows it to better handle the next straight line.

Mercedes And Aston Martin they got a lot of competition. The reason? load level and the minimum level of importance that deals with aerodynamic efficiency. In the first session Russell had great trouble changing the land clearance several times to comply below.

New bowels of W14 involving different load distributions with one seat. The biggest change, however, is in the suspension level. A completely revised wishbone layout that repositions the front end. It is not a small change, as it is necessary to start almost from the beginning on the understanding of the use of suspension.

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