F1: How Ferrari’s new boss will handle strategic mistakes in 2023 – 01/27/2023

F1: How Ferrari’s new boss will handle strategic mistakes in 2023 – 01/27/2023

One of the objectives of the new boss of Ferrari, Fred Vasseur, is to prevent the team from making the same strategic mistakes that happened last season. But the Frenchman has already warned that he will not carry out a witch hunt. And he raised the theory that decision-making processes, and not people, may be the main focus of the problem.

“Often when you talk about strategy or strategists, you only see the tip of the iceberg, and strategy is not a matter of the person on top of the iceberg,” said Vasseur, in his first press conference. head of Ferrari. , the position he took at the beginning of the month.

“It’s mostly a matter of organization, communication, the flow of communication on the pit wall, and we’re reviewing everything. Time is a bit tight for me! But we’ll have to make improvements.”

Given the nature of the problem that caused Ferrari to make the wrong decisions, Vasseur is confident. In races such as the Doctor of Hungary, for example, the choice to put hard tires on Charles Leclerc was taken based on misinterpreted information about track conditions. In this text, I explain in detail how this type of process works.

In other races, like Italy, for example, the fans may have been left with the feeling of a strategy error, but in reality Ferrari had few defensive weapons simply because the car was not as fast as Red Bull. As rivals reduced the weight of the car, Ferrari’s initial advantage disappeared, and Leclerc and Carlos Sainz found it difficult to make their tires last compared to Red Bull, the key to giving more flexibility to strategy.

So the solution to the question of strategy goes, of course, through the performance of the car. But the quality and flow of information must also be improved, and that will be the focus according to Vasseur.

“Right now we are talking about that, about the organization. When you talk about strategy or aerodynamics or anything, you should avoid focusing only on the pyramid. Often when you talk about strategy, it is more about the organization than it is about the organization than the guy on the pit wall”, he defended himself.

“I’m trying to understand exactly what happened in each mistake, what happened last year. And try to find out if it’s a question of decision-making, a question of organization, of communication”, he continued.

“Often, in a hole wall, the biggest problem is communication with the number of people involved, not the individual. Back! You need a clear flow of discussion and a clear flow of communication between good people in the right positions. It’s a work in progress.”