F1: “I have decided to cut ties”, the revelation of Lewis Hamilton

F1: “I have decided to cut ties”, the revelation of Lewis Hamilton

Like many pilots, Lewis Hamilton’s father is very involved in the Briton’s career. Anthony Hamilton was even his son’s manager during his Formula 1 debut with McLaren, before their relationship became strained. The seven-time world champion recently returned to his relationship with his father, who he cut ties with at some point in his career.

Father/son relationships are not always easy, even more so when they are involved in work. That’s what happened to Lewis Hamilton. Close to his father, who introduced him to karting from a young age and accompanied him as a manager during the first years of his career there. System 1, their relationship has not always been good. If all goes well between them today, the seven-time world champion returns to his sometimes strained relationship with his father, Anthony Hamilton.

“It was difficult for him to show me love”

His work ethic was an inspiration to me, seeing what time he got up in the morning. He had little sleep and his days of work in the garage were endless preparing for the weekend, he brought everything to the track and learned to be a great mechanic. But it was difficult for him to show me love. Sometimes you just need a hug from your dad. You want to be pampered. When I was 22, I got to F1 and everything was huge. You don’t go to school to learn how to talk to the media. In the past I had no PR, no one to protect me or prepare me “, he told it Lewis Hamilton in the podcast Purpose.

“So I decided to cut ties with my father”

The situation that finally pushed him to cut ties with his father: “ Many mistakes were made. You learn on the job and it’s hard for a young man. You want to live a normal life, except there is nothing normal. My father and I faced each other once. I just wanted him to be my father. Let’s have fun and laugh together. We didn’t know that for a very long time. So I decided to cut ties with my father to make my own decisions. It was a time when we talked a little. » Anthony and Lewis Hamilton was finally able to be reunited, though ” we tried to find each other. Now he is the first person I call after a race. There are days when I don’t feel well. Then I ask him the question: “Can I still be better?”, and he answers me: “Yes, you can”. I will say something bad sometimes, but my dad is there to pick me up and be positive. »