F1.  In defense of Gasly

F1. In defense of Gasly

Gasly had to show up for a mechanic shortly after take off. An AlphaTauri driver “collected” a billboard on the track after Carlos Sainz’s crash.

After replacing the wing, the French wanted to get the whole bet – already behind the safety car at that time – to respect the delta set of the lap time. At high speed, the crane working on the track was passed by the hair and did not hide its fear. At the same time, the red flag was raised by Gasly, excited by the condition of the crane, he did not slow down, and put him under the scrutiny of the judges. Those – considering speeding with a red flag as one of the major offenses – gave him a penalty of 20 seconds. It was shown that the AT-03 was driving at a speed of more than 200 km / h after Sainz’s accident site passed.

Even before Stewards issued a message about the penalty – and revealed where the fault lay – several drivers defended Gasly, saying that keeping the tires warm on a wet track somehow forces them to drive faster.

“I’m totally on Pierre’s side,” Fernando Alonso said. – We are in the car, we know how fast we are going, we know how to control the car.

– But we don’t expect to see a crane on the track, so it’s hard to blame Pierre for that.

George Russell said that drivers speed up and slow down frequently under safe driving conditions.

“There is no rule of thumb for speed,” explained a Mercedes representative when asked by Motorsport.com. – You have to respect your delta, but if you are slow “in” for 10 seconds, you can speed up to zero.

“And that’s what drivers do, because the only way to warm up the tires is to stop for a while, get a “positive delta” and then increase the speed of passing energy through the tires.

– It is said that he was driving at 250 km/h. It seems to me that people forget that you can do 330 km / h. This 250 km / h is not the world in our reality.

Daniel Ricciardo and Nicholas Latifi also mentioned the difficulty of driving slowly on wet surfaces.

– With these cars, it is not safer to drive slowly because you lose heat [w oponach] the McLaren driver admitted.

– Even behind the safety car, you are at the limit of grip as the wet tires are not enough. These cars were not designed to drive slowly, added Nicholas Latifi.

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