F1.  Leclerc must be number one

F1. Leclerc must be number one

From the start of the season, the Scuderia refuses to be clearly divided into driver numbers one and two. Although in the opinion of many Ferrari watchers, to increase his chances of winning this year’s winners he should bet on Leclerc, Maranello has repeatedly claimed that the competition is still at an early stage.

The priority given to Carlos Sainz at the British Grand Prix was very surprising. It was the Spaniard who received a new set of tires at the crucial moment, despite Leclerc being in the lead. Some of their eyes were rubbed in surprise at the Austrian race as well, where Sainz attacked Leclerc hard and Verstappen gained a second at the time.

Recently, John Elkann, the president of Ferrari, announced that the Italian firm will “soon” win the championship between drivers and constructors, and Leclerc is on top of achieving this goal. Team principal Mattia Binotto later tried to explain that Elkann did not mean a clear division of responsibilities.

However, Hill believes that at Ferrari such a division should occur, and Leclerc must be the preferred one.

“The truth is, in terms of pure speed, Charles Leclerc is still the leader,” said Hill on the F1 Nation podcast. “Carlos did a good job, but he still didn’t dominate Charles, did he?” I mean, he’s like Sergio [Perez].

– They are a very good team, a successful duo. Carlos was very fast at Monza, but he needs to move to the next level to take Charles out of the shadows.

– Then be careful [Elkanna] he was righteous. If you are going to fight against Max Verstappen and Red Bull, you need to put your best people in front, don’t worry about hurt feelings. There is no time for that in F1.

“I think it was a painful statement, but true, and it came at the right time without putting too much pressure on Ferrari, which they already had in abundance.” [W Monzy] they were at the pole with Charles and it went badly.

Hill compared the current team – which lost a win after the buyout – to Michael Schumacher’s journey and recalled that Ferrari used to be a sure thing for good performance.

– I mean the times when Michael won. I said then you can build your house with his winnings. You watched this band, you saw it work, the way Michael was driving, and you would build your house.

“You certainly wouldn’t want to do that with the current Ferrari,” concluded Damon Hill.

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