F1.  McLaren is not resting

F1. McLaren is not resting

Although it looked like the Woking team would be a great threat during pre-season testing in Barcelona, ​​it turned out that the MCL36 had a number of fundamental problems. Classes in Bahrain and the very beginning of the competition were a nightmare for McLaren.

The gradual progress allowed more and more hope, and in Imola we were able to reach the podium thanks to the vision of Lando Norris. At McLaren, however, they remain cautious and know the likes of Alfa Romeo, Alpine and Haas and have no intention of positioning themselves as the leaders between the stakes, but agree that the aim should always be Q3 and points.

– I think after what we saw in Melbourne and Imola we can say that the car works well in all conditions and with different track settings. It is positive, said Andreas Seidl, team leader.

– However, if you look at the bets they are close to: Mercedes, us, Valtteri [Bottas] or Kevin [Magnussen], we can’t relax after these few weekends. I am not very confident because the cars and teams in this paddock are not standing.

– However, I am sure that we have a car and a package that we can fight for in Q3 with a good score every weekend. The team is strong and has two strong drivers. Not only about the result, but also putting the weekend together and I can congratulate the team for a good result in Imola despite some problems, including a small number of laps in the second practice.

Despite being cautious about the MCL36’s further form, Seidl is pleased with how the team has recovered from a poor start to the season.

It was great to see how the team coped with the challenge of the race weekend in Bahrain and how everyone stayed united and calm. They put their heads down and worked together as one.

– It was very good because for us it was the first real test after everything that happened in three years. So far, the sun has always shone. I am happy with this, and also with the fact that we have a plan that we want to increase the performance of the car in the coming weeks and months.

McLaren is currently fourth in the constructors’ standings. He is 78 points behind the Ferrari leader.

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