F1 Mercedes: Hamilton still not with Ferrari: “He wants to close this chapter in a good way”

F1 Mercedes: Hamilton still not with Ferrari: “He wants to close this chapter in a good way”

For Lewis Hamilton, the 2024 season is one he just has to wait for. It is clear that the W15 is still not a car that wins and the Briton’s future team – Ferrari – is very close to Red Bull Racing.

Even before the start of the season, it was announced that Hamilton will wear the red Ferrari from 2025. This ends the long period of the Englishman in the service of the Germans, which was certainly not without merit. Mercedes have already spoken in recent weeks about the possibility of replacing the Briton and in particular it points to Max Verstappen. Hamilton of course still has to finish the season, but he is increasingly involved in the development of Mercedes. In addition, teammate George Russell seems to be able to handle the W15 better than his 39-year-old partner. After four races, Russell already has 24 points to his name, while Hamilton has to make do with 10 points.

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Focus on Mercedes

Although Hamilton is keen to play for the team from Maranello, his focus is currently still on Mercedes. “I want to close this chapter on a good note. So I’m putting all my energy into this. Of course I’m looking forward to the future, but right now we’re in a difficult situation. That’s my challenge,” he said. proves commitment Motorsport.com.

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To win

In addition, he and the team have their hands full with the current car, which is not yet up and running. “I’m trying to figure out how we can get back to the top. How can I work with people? How can I give better ideas or direction to get back to the front? Basically I’m a competitor, so. I want to win. Thinking about next year won’t help me.