F1.  The development of Mercedes does not worry Ferrari

F1. The development of Mercedes does not worry Ferrari

Ferrari had the fastest car on the line at the start of the campaign. However, later a series of technical failures and mistakes made by the team and drivers prevented the fight against Red Bull. In the final phase of the season, F1-75 is definitely not competitive.

For its part, Mercedes in the first half of the year struggled with serious problems, considering the flying conditions. However, since we managed to deal with them, “Silver Arrows” are close to the top and do not give us hope of getting a single win this season. Besides, being at Brackley, they are making sure this year’s lesson will help them fight for the championship next season.

However, Mattia Binotto, head of the Scuderia, insists that the current leadership in the field and Mercedes’ consistently good form say nothing about the future balance of power. In Maranello, they have long stopped developing the current design.

– Mercedes is coming back. That is true. But they made more cars than us, said Binotto. – We know very well that we stopped the development of our car early to focus on 2023. So I don’t care about the speed of their development because I know when we stopped ours.

Ferrari has not won since July, Charles Leclerc’s victory in Austria. Later, several times my good form in qualifying did not translate into a successful long distance performance.

– If you look at the last few races, it was definitely not good. In Singapore, however, we were very competitive.

– It was raining in Japan and we were not in a hurry. However, there was no drama. Certainly not in the qualification. In Austin, USA, we were very competitive in the time trial, but less competitive than you might expect. It was worse in Mexico, but I don’t think that’s a trend. Singapore was good, Japan was good, and the American qualifier was good.

– Now the main task is to analyze and understand what happened in Mexico. We want to get back to the competition of the last two races. We hope it will be so and we will fight for victory.

Ferrari is currently second in the constructors’ standings with 40 points ahead of Mercedes.

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