F1 – Transfer: Confirmed, Ferrari still fails

F1 – Transfer: Confirmed, Ferrari still fails

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F1 – Transfer: Confirmed, Ferrari still fails

Posted on May 27, 2023 at 12:20 pm.

After a successful 2022 season in which it was believed that Ferrari could beat Red Bull for the Grand Prix, La Scuderia had given up, the fault of testing but also of strategy. To finally bring down the Austrian team, the Ferrari leaders tried to employ the best in the field of aerodynamics, without success.

The 2022 season is already far behind for Ferrari, which has a very good start to the 2023 financial year. Red Bull it was almost full last year and Scuderia he wanted to be world champion again this year, but it started badly. Piero Ferrarichild ofEnzo Ferrari, he recognizes the difficulty of his team and admits that he tried crazy in the off-season by trying to sign the most famous engineer in the paddock.

“We need foreign experts”

The season did not start well. But I was afraid it would be difficult. We just have to make do with the equipment we currently have. The problem is that with the current budget limit, we have to decide how much to invest to improve the current situation without affecting the performance of the 2024 car. We have to be patient. We need people with different experiences. When we look at history, when we have made changes to the organization and taken employees from other teams, the results have been very visible. We are good at some things, but for others we need outside experts “, he admitted in the statement given by Nextgen-Auto. And this relevant professional can be Adrian Newey but Brit preferred to stay at home Red Bull.

“Adrian Newey told us no”

Today Red Bull wins with hybrid engines, but in the past the team won with conventional engines. Sebastian Vettel won the world championship with them four times and it was certainly no accident. Adrian Newey told us no. He had already refused to Luca di Montezemolo and Jean Todt. It seems he doesn’t want to move – he likes to stay in England. And besides, his undoubted skills aside, he’s not doing this alone. He also has very good people around him “, found Piero Ferrari. Another refusal to Ferrari.